The Lionheart Brothers return with new album

Four years after their successful debut album ‘Dizzy Kiss’, The Lionheart Brothers return with a much needed dose of timeless pop in the form of their fothcoming album ‘Matters of Love and Nature’.

Finally, after a lengthy hiatus, The Lionheart Brothers return with a new album. Four years after the great success of ‘Dizzy Kiss’ the bands new outing ‘Matters of Love and Nature’ serves as a symbol of a band that has overcome a near crippling internal existential crisis.

Their previous album release, not to mention the track "50 Souls And A Disco Bowl", was applauded at home and in the UK, earning the band considerable airplay and media exposure. The band quickly headed out on a hectic two-year long promo tour - expectations were high, the pace even higher. Then things went quiet.

"The fire had burned out, and slowly a musical depression came crawling," says the band. Gradually, band members spent more time and effort as members of other projects such as Jaga Jazzist, I Was A King, Serena Maneesh, Love Pirate, The Turns, Syndrom and Black Soul Circus. Eventually, the band reached a watershed; calling it quits or hit the studio to record what was left in the creative vein. What was supposed to be a two week affair ended up in a nine month studio session that would eventually result in ‘Matters of Love and Nature’.

In the studio, the collective regained the creative spark that once brought them together. The latent tension in the band that has held them back was now transformed into potent energy, resulting in razor sharp dissonances, thundering drum tracks, piercing guitars and pleading vocals.

‘Matters of Love and Nature’ sees its release on the 31st of January through Racing Junior


The Lionheart Brothers was founded in 1998 by Marcus Forsgren and Fred Gerhard Strand. The current line-up consists of Marcus Forsgren, Morten Øby, Audun Storset, Jørgen Frantz Andreassen and Fred Gerhard Strand. In 2007 the band released the album Dizzy Kiss to rave reviews and a national hype. The song "50 Souls And A Disco Bowl" was the third most played song on national radio station P3. The band has previously released the album ‘White Angel Black Apple’ and the EP ‘Colour Contrast Context’.

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