Bummer Gun

With her second solo album ‘Bummer Gun’, bass player and songwriter artist Maya Vik steps into the spotlight as a true solo artist.

A former key member of bands Montée, Furia and Savoy, Maya Vik now stands firmly on her own feet as an artist in her own right. The stylish bassist and songwriter’s second solo album ‘Bummer Gun’ saw its release in August to critical acclaim at home. Now, her domestic focus shifts to an international one; having built up a loyal and steadily growing audience in Japan her sights are now also set on European markets. A praised appearance at Oslo’s vibrant Øya Festival further boosted her autumn campaign.

June saw Vik touring Japan, encountering packed venues and curious Japanese along the way. Says Vik to Norwegian daily VG: ‘All of our shows were nearly sold-out and the crowds went wild during the concerts. Really cool. I also got lots of attention, being two heads taller than most over there, and with blond curly head to top it off. When we shot the scenes for our video (‘On It’ Ed.note), people would come up to me and pinch me – they couldn’t believe that I was for real.

The video for ‘On It’ was filmed during her summer tour in Tokyo, and is directed by Pål Laukli. The video depicts Vik venturing through the Japanese capital, dressed in a silver skirt and performing at one of her almost sold out shows.

In early August, Vik announced that she is leaving Montée to focus solely on her solo career. Says Vik on her departure from the celebrated outfit: ‘I left the band mainly to gain freedom to do my own projects, and to do them well. I’ve been in bands since I was 19 and have never really had the freedom to do what I really want to do.’

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