Marion Ravn - a Norwegian superstar in the making?

Marion Raven, once a part of Norwegian pop duo M2M, has now been offered a multimillion-dollar contract from her old record company Atlantic. Says manager Thomas Erdtman: They are planning on making her the most successful female artist since Shania Twain.

Marion Ravn

You might remember M2M, a Norwegian pop duo consisting of Marion Ravn and Marit Larsen, two teenage girls from a suburb just outside Oslo. They got a big contract with Atlantic Records due to their very persistent manager and broke through with the hit single ”Don’t say you love me” from the ”Pokemon”-soundtrack.

M2M had substantial success mostly in Asia, but also in the US and Europe. The duo went on tour with Hanson, had a cameo as themselves in ”Dawsons Creek” and sold large quantities of their debut album ”Shades of Purple”. Their follow-up album ”The Big Room” didn’t do so well and Atlantic Records cancelled their last tour with Jewel in the midst of it and sent Marion and Marit back home to Norway. The girls thought their pop star-adventure was over, but it seems that the clouds might still hold a silver lining.

As far as Atlantic is concerned Marit’s adventure is over, but they wanted Marion as a solo-artist and offered her multimillion-dollar contract. Atlantic needed a new female artist after their biggest artist Brandy and Jewel decided to put their carers on hold, so now they will give Marion world wide priority and try to make her a superstar.

- I want to be as big a star as Madonna, proclaimed Marion in an interview with Norway’s second largest newspaper.

Is she going to make it? Well Marion Ravn, or Raven as she now will be known as, will release her first solo album in nine months, so time will tell. Marit Larsen looks due to pursue a solo career on her own.

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