Wunderkammer: Today I Cannot Hear Music

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Wunderkammer’s latest album, the excellent "Today I Cannot Hear Music".

Listen to a 30 second clip of Wunderkammer’s Sheepster & Wolf
Listen to more tracks or buy Wunderkammer’s excellent "Today I cannot hear music" album

Wunderkammer - Today I Cannot Hear Music cover

Wunderkammer: Today I Cannot Hear Music (Honeymilk Records Honey 006)
On their second album Wunderkammer continue their unique mix of Balkanesque odd time signatures, twangy guitars, string sections and haunting vocals. It’s weird, frantic, pulsating and utterly captivating. On Today I Cannot Hear Music Wunderkammer move effortlessly through odd meters displaying super-confident playing and disregard for conventionality. Front man Pål Jackman (who’s also a highly respected movie director) writes puzzling stories and quirky melodies which in turn are masterfully interpreted by a spirited band that includes cellos, violins, double-bass, bowed saw, mellotron, percussion and horns. It sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before – it can only be described as Wunderkammer.

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