Band of the Week: Highasakite

Highasakite is the focal point of a new feature here at; Band of the Week. Every week we will shine the spotlight on a band, an artist, a composer or an orchestra that deserves recognition.

We kick off the autumn series with a new feature here at; Band of the Week. Every week we shine the spotlight on a band, an artist, a composer or an orchestra that deserves recognition.

Kicking off the new feature series is one of the Øya Festival’s Norwegian highlights: Highasakite.

Bon Iver kudos

No other than Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon summed up the trio’s applauded Øya gig perfectly in one of his tweets: Beautiful music from @Highasakiteband at @oyafestival #oya2012” holy shit this was a crazy band! I loved it!

Says Highasakite’s Ingrid Helene Håvik to Norwegian regional daily Adressa after talking to the Bon Iver front-man: – He really liked our music and was super cool. He gave us lots of kudos.

In the days following their Øya performance, Pitchforkmedia chimed in with an equally positive review: Bon Iver-approved, expansive indie rock lead by a frontwoman who plays zither. Weirdly obsessed with Native American imagery. They wore warpaint and headbands for their festival set, their instruments festooned with feathers and dreamcatchers. Their best song is unsurprisingly called "Indian Summer".

Paste Magazine also praises the outfit: Don’t let their cliché name and eye-rolling aesthetic turn you away from these local chill-wavers. It took me a minute to get past their faux-Indian garbs and war paint, but once I did they turned out to be one of the best Norwegian acts I saw all week

Indian Summer

Highasakite, comprised of members Ingrid Helene Håvik, Trond Bersu and Øystein Skar have created a four-song dream-pop escape that recalls the music of Lykke Li, Neon Indian and Of Monsters and Men. With their infectious hooks, ethereal synths and confident vocals, the trio has positioned themselves as a band to watch.’

Irresistible soundscapes full of tasty hooks and mysterious stories, with musicians from some of Norway’s top-tier bands. Highasakite undoubtedly represents the pinnacle of Norway’s burgeoning indie scene.

Keyboards, zither, pounding drums and the occasional noise guitar together with Ingrid Helene's distinctive voice makes a delicious blend of exciting indie pop inspired by artists such as Lykke Li and the movie Where The Wild Things Are.

Highasakite's debut album "All That Floats Will Rain" has received rave reviews throughout the Norwegian press, some even calling it album of the year (Dagbladet) going as far as stating: "No song on this album is redundant, it's all brilliantly brought to life. This, ladies and gentlemen, is pop music!"

This summer has seen Highasakite playing many of Norway’s key festivals, including Øya and Hove, in support of their debut album 'All That Floats Will Rain', which saw its release in February through Norwegian indie label Riot Factory.

Highasakite ‘s latest EP album ‘Indian Summer’ sees its release on Aug. 20, also via Riot Factory.

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