Takk Festival: The best of Norway in Paris

On June 13th to 15th the Takk ( thank you) Festival and the Maroquinerie in Paris invite the public to discover some exiting parts Norwegian musical scene. The artists presented are among the currently most renowned in Norway and abroad, indulging in explorations of the ambiances of Norwegian traditional music, jazz and electronica.

Karl Seglem 2004 (med horn) Foto: Ketil Jacobsen

In Norway the scene dedicated to electronic music is large and trembling with activity. And the artists are generally highly productive, as much in studios as regarding live playing. The initiators of “Takk” at Chez Productions have a particular fascination for this branch of Scandinavian music and with the help of the Norwegian embassy in Paris and Mrs Lune at the Maroquinerie they have succeeded in assembling an interesting selection of representatives of the Norwegian musical scene. These pioneers of Scandinavian electronic jazz will present a program that will not leave the Parisian public indifferent.

Karl Seglem is a saxophonist who interweaves jazz and modern timbres with Norwegian traditional tunes and sonority and makes spectacular use of e.g. ram’s horns; an age-old Norwegian instrument. He will perform in duo with Terje Isungset, another Norwegian horn-blower who has worked musical wonders with instruments carved out off ice and played as frozen ephemera. The same opening night features Tord Gustavsen trio, one of the most sought after new trios in international jazz, which received panegyric reviews for their latest record “Being there”.
The following day sees Rockettothesky (Rocket to the sky) enter the stage. With her debut, “To sing you apple trees” this young woman blew most critics off their feet with intricate, unpredictable and alluring pop songs; enigmatic and highly infectious. The same night features the Sámi artist Niko Valkepää and his group, commonly regarded among the finest representatives of the spellbinding Sámi musical tradition, yet with a modern flare. Lastly on day two the Julius Winger Group will perform. Winger astounded the Norwegian musical scene with his debut record of ocean sprayed shanties; arresting and greatly convincing songs of the tradition of old sailor’s tunes. “Store sanger om havet” (Great songs of the sea) was a highly unexpected issue from a young man when it was released in 2005, and it received great reception.
The final day of the festival is dedicated to electronica. Lars Horntveth, of Jaga Jazzist fame, has also reaped great reviews for his solo projects and is no-doubt one of the driving forces in Norwegian jazz electronica. Sternklang is another outfit belonging to the same musical realm, with haunting and throbbing explorations of the junctures of core jazz timbres and computer elements. The festival is rounded off by DJ sets by the incongruous Kim Hiorthøy, a multi artist of tremendous energy and innovation, and Joachin Augland; the man behind that Bugatti of independent labels, Smalltown Supersound.

The Takk Festival will take place at the Maroquinerie, a significant concert hall in the Parisian musical landscape, famed for its varied program and for being a unique place to combine musical experiences with gastronomy. Its program is reputed for abundance and quality, with emphasis on contemporary movements in music; from new French singers to reggae, funk, world music, jazz and electronica.

The Takk festival is a unique opportunity to discover the best of Norwegian innovative music in a very special Parisian atmosphere.

The Takk program:

Wednesday June 13th:
Karl Seglem and Terje Isungset Duo
Tord Gustavsen Trio

Thursday June 14th:
Niko Valkepää Group
Julius winger Group

Friday June 15th:
Lars Horntveth Group
Kim Hjorthøy DJ-set
Joachim Augland DJ-set

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