Turbonegro recording sessions

The “parody turned revolution;” the quintessence if the concept cult; Oslo’s punk metal menagerie Turbonegro are hard at work with their new album. It will be out before the summer but it is still undecided which label will release it.

Turbonegro 2005 (Photo: Stian Andersen)

With the preliminary title “Born to run to a certain extent” the record can be expected to hit stores sometime in the first half of 2007. The recording sessions have been going on throughout the fall. -Initially at Oslo’s renowned pop oasis Fagerborg studios, and then at the band’s own Crystal Canyon where lead guitarist Knut Schreiner works his production sorcery. Later in the fall Turbonegro went over to America to mix the record. The stay in the states has also however included a recording session with former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri, who took time off from touring with his new band Mondo Generator. Oliveri and Turbonegro laid down a couple of tracks -one of them the American’s homage to the Norwegians, entitled simply “Turbonegro-” but it is unclear whether the fruits of these sessions will be included on the forthcoming album.
Greatly anticipated, not least by the ever-growing “Turbojugend” fan club army, it is still a matter of negotiation who will release the album. The only certainty seems to be that the band is now talking to majors after having gone the opposite way at the last juncture when they opted for Swedish punk label Burning Heart rather than one of the multinationals.

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