Renowned tubaist with NYC recital

The respected Norwegian tubaist Øystein Baadsvik is set to play a Carnegie Hall recital in mid-December.

Baadsvik 2006-2

Norwegian Øystein Baadsvik, one of the few tuba players to enjoy a career exclusively as a soloist, will appear in recital at Carnegie Hall, accompanied by Niklas Sivelov. December 13 at 8pm.

Øystein Baadsvik started playing tuba at the age of fifteen, and soon decided to explore the tuba’s possibilities as a solo instrument. Three years later he won prize in a Norwegian national competition for soloists. Within the space of two years he had made his own programs for Norwegian Radio and had played with all of Norway’s professional symphony orchestras.

His international career began with two prizes at the prestigious Concours International d’Exécution Musicale (CIEM) in Geneva in 1991. Baadsvik’s musicianship is celebrated by audiences all over the world and he has played with orchestras such as Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Bergen Philharmonic, L'Orchestre delaSuisse Romande, Wratislavia Chamber Orchestra and Musica Vitae. His latest CD 'Tuba Carnival' was released in 40 countries on the BIS label and became a tremendous success. It was recommended by the music magazine ClassicToday as one of the six best recordings in the world for solo instrument and orchestra in 2003.

This will be Baadsvik’s New York City debut.

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