DinoSau attracts international attention

DinoSau recently released their debut album”A Little Crime”. Now they go international with their frivolous electro-pop.


By Bjørn Hammershaug / Translated by Christian Lysvåg

DinoSau is a trio comprised of Lena Nymark (on vocal, flute and samples), Bjørn Thevik (bass and laptop) and Stig Rennestraum on varied pieces of percussion. Their merry and danceable form of electronic pop music is often likened to a more accessible variety of Anja Garbarek or Hanne Hukkelberg. The band is now drawing attention in the UK and Greece.

Their first single “Pärris” was selected for a extensive Vodafone commercial, and in Greece it reached top three among downloaded mobile phone ring-tones. “A Little Crime” was released in Greece on May 21st. by Planetworks.

Greek MTV animator Andreas Paleologos is the man behind the video for their next single “Derr Lady”, which can be viewed here.

“A Little Crime” was produced by Jaga Jazzists Andreas Mjøs and released by Propeller Recordings.

Tomorrow the band performs at the throbbing Nattjazz (Night jazz) festival in Bergen.

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