SXSW showcase schedule announced

14 Norwegian acts are set to SXSW this year. Full official live line-up here.

Cocktail Slippers 2010

It's become something of a habit that Norwegian artists make their mark at the music industry showcase festival South By Southwest (SXSW). For 2010, no less than 14 Norwegian acts have received an official invitation to perform at the important festival which kicks off on March 17th.

The invited Norwegian acts represent a variety of genres including world music, electronica, extreme metal, as well as rock and pop.

Brent Grulke, program manager at SXSW feels that it is with good reason that Norway is so well represented at the festival industry:

- SXSW is always proud to present music from Norway. There might not be a Norwegian sound, but the Norwegian artists find inspiration from just about every musical genre and then manage to create something distinctive and different. Whether we are talking about electronic music, psychedelic rock, world music, jazz, hip hop or metal, Norwegian artists are always very innovative and creative, says Grulke.

- This year, 14 Norwegian artists have been invited to perform at the festival, and we would be happy to have had more. Norway is perhaps a small country, but musically it is on par with any nation, he continues.

The official Norwegian showcases at SXSW 2010:

Wednesday, March 17th:

Cocktail slippers
Submerged, 9 PM

The Megaphonic Thrift
Habana Calle 6, 9:35 PM

Serena Maneesh
Club De Ville, 01:00 AM

The Low Frequency in Stereo
Habana Calle 6, 01:15 AM

Thursday, March 18th:

Julian Berntzen
18th Floor at Hilton Garden, 10 PM

Club 115, 10 PM

William Hut
The Hideout, 12 AM

Friday, March 19th:

Unni Løvlid

Pirate Love
Rusty Spurs, 10 PM

Saturday, March 20th:

Apoptygma Berzerk
Elysium, 6 PM

Deleted Waveform Gatherings
The Wave, 10 PM

The Radioroom, 10 PM

Eva & The Heartmaker
Prague, 11 PM

Big Bang
Cedar Door kl. TBA

Three of the Norwegian artists will also have the opportunity increase their SXSW impact by playing a day party hosted by prestigious magazine Filter Magazine and Innovation Norway, with Music Export Norway acting as an adviser. Filter has a long tradition of organizing such day parties which have proved to be well attended.

SXSW marks the first time Innovation Norway's U.S. office involves itself in music related activities.

- This is the first step in a longer process where we want to showcase Norwegian talent, "says Antonio Raposo from Innovation Norway's department in the United States.

In addition, work is underway on a separate metal night, which is a collaboration between SXSW, Music Export Norway and photographer Peter Beste. Best is well known for photo book True Norwegian Black Metal, which has received considerable attention around the world. So far metallers Vreid are confirmed for this event.

The Norwegian participation to SXSW 2010 is co-ordinated by Music Export Norway.

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