US focus for Ida Maria in 2009

After having won hearts in the UK and on the continent, Ida Maria homes in on the US market for 2009.

Ida Maria_Oh My God

After having focused on the UK market for the last year, Ida Maria has now set her sight for the US. Her debut album ‘Fortress Round My Heart’, released to much fanfare in Europe earlier this year, is set for an April release through Upper 11 Records. January sees the charismatic and energetic vocalist/band-leader/songwriter playing a string of shows in LA and NYC as a kick-off to her US campaign.

Next up on Ida Maria’s itinerary, however, is a mini-tour of Australia which features gigs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Earlier this week, Time Magazine selected Ida Maria’s Oh My God as 2008’s third best song. Writes Time: ‘This 24-year-old Norwegian has a powerhouse voice — deep, commanding, a little masculine, exotic, too, like Nico, but with an abundance rather than an absence of feeling.’

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