A-ha’s studio album postponed

A-ha’s return to the spotlight with a 2003 studio album was recently announced. This studio album has now been postponed, and the band will instead release a live recording on March 24, titled How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head.


Recent statements from A-ha’s management signalled plans for a new studio album next spring. Warner Norway have now denounced these speculations, and reveals that a new studio album is not likely to be released until 2004.

Norway’s most successful band internationally will not remain silent in 2003 however. March 24 will see the trio’s new live concert-album titled How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head released. The album is made up of 14 tunes recorded on this year’s Lifelines-tour which covered Europe and South-America. The release will also include a limited edition bonus-CD with six additional live-recordings. A-ha will also release a single with a live-version of their 80’s classic anthem The Sun Always Shines On TV which is scheduled for release March 10.

Read more about A-ha at their official web-site.

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