Ida Maria: CMJ and Alarm

After a convincing performance at CMJ in New York Ida Maria returned home to win the main prize at the Alarm Awards; arguably the most important Norwegian music awards for the time being.

Ida Maria_Oh My God

The young Norwegian pop-rock Amazon Ida Maria is a neophyte of the international circuit, she doesn’t even have a record out yet, but still she displays an ability to embrace the moment and the audience that is beyond professional: in its sheer, uninhibited presence her performance has the quality of condensing the moment to a ride-the-bullet sort of experience.

Her recent performance at CMJ in New York was not just her first show in America but also her first time there at all. With complete confidence in her artistic enterprise she blew the audience of their feet with her poise and honesty. It’s a strange thing; when you come from the outer perimeter of civilization, an exaggeration but still true regarding the north Norwegian townlet where she grew up, it seems that gut ripping, onstage deliverance in the capitol of the world is the most natural thing.

As proof of Ida Maria’s impact we bring you the impression of Pop matters, that significant mouthpiece for happening music, which singled out Ida Maria as one of the CMJ’s big revelations:
OH… MY… GAWD, indeed. By the time Norwegian rocker Ida Maria closes with that, her most popular sing-along phrase, it’s safe to say that I’ve lost all sense of space and time. I’ve fallen into a power-rock paradise where the moments are measured in rip-roaring riffage—not CMJ showcase schedules. It’s the singer’s first appearance in New York and she doesn’t have a record, yet the camera flashes are blinding—especially when she hops into the audience, grabs my shoulder, and lets out a body-shaking banshee cry. As modest as the space is, everyone in the room recognizes that an honest-to-God force has landed—a power-rock goddess, a sure-fire superstar in the making. Whether tossing windmills on guitar, kicking the air, writhing on the floor, or just strutting her stuff, Maria—backed by three woodwork-reveling blokes—is unflinchingly earnest. And though her pristine pop songs are catchy and the singer is undeniably adorable, this isn’t some pseudo-rock striptease fantasy for pre-pubescents. Oh no, Ida Maria is a true-blue rocker through and through, and she knows how to bring the hammer down. (AP)

This weekend the Alarm Awards went down in Norway, subject to quite a media frenzy, and Ida Maria took home the main ‘Alarm’ prize. With buzz, live reviews and expectations now reaching the ceiling, it would be an understatement to say that we’re all looking forward to her upcoming long play debut. "I like you so much better when you're naked" is scheduled for release next April.

For the remainder of the fall the young juggernaut will be busy touring Sweden (her base is still Stockholm) and the UK, as support for Good Shoes on their November tour.

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