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London’s Nordic music club night ‘Ja Ja Ja’ continues its tour de force with a hard-hitting line up this week; Deathcrush, Årabrot alongside Danes Kellermensch.

Thursday 24th February sees Deathcrush and Årabrot hitting the stage of Nordic music club night ‘Ja Ja Ja’ in London alongside Danish act Kellermensch.

When Norway has been described as the land where “metal is like the national folk music” (- Phil Hebbleth) it is not surprising that the two first bands of the next ‘JaJaJa’ evening are Norwegians. First out is Deathcrush, a “No Wave/Noise Rock trio” whose success has come quickly. They’re said to distribute honors to Mayhem and Cliff Burton as effortlessly as they quote Snoop Dogg - and although they would never claim to be black metal, the band is not afraid to add a touch of darkness. Last week saw the act playing a string of critically acclaimed gigs at the by:Larm music industry convention and earlier this the band was also confirmed for the 2011 Øya Festival. March sees them playing SXSW in Austin, TX.

Deathcrush’s MySpace site

Rocksound describes the Norwegian band Årabrot as “more extreme than anything that’s emerged from their home-land’s black metal scene of late; a hybrid of AmRep-inspired lunacy and churning industrial punishment, which veers from the perversely catchy to the downright terrifying.” They’ve released four critically acclaimed albums and collaborated with the creme-of-the-crop of the rock fraternity. Their third album ‘The Brother Seed’ was recorded by legendary Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Plant/Page, Big Black). March and April sees Årabrot touring the US.

Årabrot’s End of First Chant II:

Årabrot on Spotify

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