Adjágas confirmed for Womex slot

Sami duo Adjágas are confirmed to play this autumn’s Womex world/folk music expo in Seville, Spain.

Listen to an excerpt of Adjagas’ Mun Ja Mun
Listen to and download Adjagas releases here

Adjagas (foto: Trust Me Records)

Following a number of highly acclaimed performances at domestic and international festivals and a successful launch of a strong debut album, Sámi outfit Adjagas are now confirmed for this autumn’s Womex world/folk music expo in Seville, Spain. Norwegian artists have been lacking from the trade fair/festival’s roster for a number of years, but now things are on the right track with Adjagas upcoming Womex showcase.

Adjagas is yoik group based in Sapmi (Lapland), located in the desolate areas of Northern Norway. The group consists of Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby, who both are traditional yoikers, Juhani Silvola and Paal Fagerheim on guitars and Timo Silvola on drums.

Their debut album “Adjagas”, produced by Andreas Mjřs (Jaga Jazzist, Susanna and the magical orchestra) saw its domestic release in November 2005 to great critical acclaim. The debut outing is scheduled for an European release later this year through Germany’s highly acclaimed indie !K7, home of such acts as Herbert, Annie, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca, Erlend Řye, Kid Loco and Thievery Corporation.

Adjágas is a state between sleeping and waking. It is where you get in touch with issues and messages that are important to you. It is also said that the Sami learned yoiking from the ulda people that live in another world parallell to our own. Adjágas is a celebration of the ancient art of yoiking and a search for what the future will bring.

A yoiker is a singer or a chanter with a Sámi origin, and it represents a highly historically important part of the musical history of Northern Europe.

Sara Marielle Gaup is a 21 year old female from Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, whose musical heritage was passed down to her from her parents and generations before that. She began singing at a very early age, and it was through continued musical education at SMG she developed her unique sense of performance and perfected her singing voice.

Lawra Somby, age 24, was taught the great gift of yoiking from his father, Ende Somby. Lawra started performing on a variety of stages in 1997, and he has performed his music both solo as well as with his father Ende, making him a an experienced singer with a strong stage presence.

Since the band’s foundation in October 2004 they have visited Glastonbury Festival, played for Nelson Mandela, showcased at by:Larm in Norway and performed at all major domestic festivals.

The World Music Expo WOMEX is the world’s premier networking point exclusively dedicated to world, roots, folk, ethnic, traditional, local and diaspora music of all kinds. Edition 2006 will be from Wed 25 - Sun 29 October 2006, in Sevilla, Andalusia. More info here.

Read more on Adjagas in this article.

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