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Djerv European tour

Extensive European touring for hard-hitting collective Djerv in this summer.

Kicking off with a July 8th date in Hamburg, hard-hitting outfit Djerv embarks on a summer of hectic European touring in support of their self-titled debut album.

Djerv`s music is aggressive rock, borderline metal and dangerously catchy. The Black Metal references are there, but first and foremost this is a modern Rock Album. Their album received unanimous critical acclaim, and so did the bands live performances. Djerv released their debut during the summer of 2011 and after only two days of sales it entered the official Norwegian sales charts at an impressive # 8. The album was also the highest newcomer that week and they charted at #3 on Norwegian Artist Chart.

Djerv appeared on the radar early 2010. Spawned out of Trelldom, Animal Alpha and Stonegard they pull strings from their previous bands, but Djerv is something else. It sounds different. It`s aggressive rock, borderline metal and dangerously catchy. Yet wrapped in a blackmetal veil? Genres melt together as never before these days, and so seems to be the case with Djerv as well. Their story is short but eventful. The first demos surfaced early 2010, and two weeks later they were booked for the most important festival in Norway, the Oya festival. They went on to tour Norway in June and played several of the bigger Norwegian festivals during the summer. In August 2010 they released the “Headstone EP which generated some good press for the band and several key magazines in Europe featured them as one of the bands to keep an eye out for in 2011. In addition Dimmu Borgir has helped promote Djerv when they invited Agnete to participate on their latest album, “Abrahadabra”. Amongst them the lead track of the album, “Gateways” where Agnete does a stunning performance both on the track and in the video. She also did a critically acclaimed performance on the last Solefald Album “Norrøn Livskunst”.

Djerv spent most part of the fall of 2010 working on their debut. The album was engineered by Daniel Bergstrand in Oslo, before the band traveled to LA to team up with Grammy Award winning producer Matt Hyde to work on the mix. The album is mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering, and it`s written and produced in its entirety by Djerv.

Were the “Headstone EP” (2010) was a taste of what was in the making, their debut album cranks it up several levels displaying Djerv`s unique sound and songs in a raw and powerful production. It`s truly something very original about Djerv and their debut album.

In 2011 Djerv toured Norway and Europe to steadily growing audiences. So far in 2012 they toured Norway again with labelmates Dunderbeist, played the Eurosonic showcase Festival in Holland, Inferno Switzerland and are now ready to play 21 shows across Europe on their 2012 Summer Tour. Djerv will play festivals like Hellfest, Wacken and Rockharz, headliner shows and some shows as special guest to Ministry. Industrial legends Ministry earlier this year announced the “Defibrillatour” in support of their comeback album “Relapse”. Djerv will be only band on the bill next to Ministry and will perform a full set every evening.

“… when a band can unleash the kind of turbo-charged thrust that would peel a layer off Kvelertak fans, and when it`s embodied by both a voice and physical presence as unique and fearless as Agnete`s, you`re blasted into the realms of revelation from the off.” Jonathan Selzer, Metalhammer UK

(London 2011)

“Djerv are onto something big with their clever combination of hard rock and black metal… A talented band that are only just getting started” –Terrorizer Magazine

“Agnete Kjølsrud’s the star of the show, her vocals could take paint off your dad’s car!”

– Metal Hammer UK

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