18 Norwegian acts confirmed for SXSW

The strong Norwegian profile at Austin’s South By Southwest festival continues. In March, no less than 18 Norwegian acts are set to play showcases at the important music industry event.

Enslaved at Popkomm (foto: Thomas Lauvland Pettersen)

      The festival is naming names, and among them are some of the best acts to come out of Norway lately, as well as some bands that have been going at it for years without much notice outside their genres. This is first and foremost true for bands like Enslaved and 1349, which will represent the Norwegian part of the border in a black metal showdown with Sweden which pretty much guarantees that Scandinavian darkness will descend upon the fair town of Austin.

      There will also be two Norwegian showcases; one is a repeat of the hugely successful Øya festival showcase from 2007. This year, the Oslo festival will bring The Shining and Hanne Hukkelberg to SXSW. The other is a first for Norway: Joakim Haugland of the label Smalltown Supersound has been asked by SXSW to put together a showcase, and has chosen Norwegian artists Kim Hiortøy, Bjørn Torske, Lindstrom and Diskjokke, alongside U.S. labelmates Arp and Sunburned Hand Of The Man. Smalltown Supersound is, by the way, the label of Norwegian underground sensation 120 Days which tore up SXSW last year.

      The curious relationship between Texas and Norwegian Hip Hop will also continue in 2008, as Bergen natives A-laget and Lars Vaular, the last from the duo Tier’n og Lars, have been booked to the festival.

      This is the complete list over Norwegian artists at South By Southwest 2008

      (subject to change):




      Goat the Head

      Kate Havnevik

      Kim Hiortøy

      Hanne Hukkelberg


      Ida Maria

      Ralph Myers and the Jack Herren Band

      Silje Nes


      Sissy Wish



      Bjørn Torske


      Lars Vaular

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