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The upcoming Womex folk/world/crossover expo represents a unique opportunity to present one of 2010’s most promising initiatives for the benefit of the Norwegian folk music circuit: Showcase Scotland’s ’Spotlight on Norway’.

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In January 2010 Showcase Scotland will host a “Spotlight on Norway” event presenting five Norwegian artist chosen in partnership with the Norwegian Traditional Music Agency and Celtic Connection.

Showcase Scotland, a division of the massive Celtic Connection festival, is the largest gathering of the international music community in the Scottish calendar. A chance for promoters, record labels, agents and festival organisers to meet both the Scottish industry and each other, and an opening to see, firsthand, a vast display of performances from the cream of Scottish talent.

Each year Showcase Scotland also invites another country or region to present their music at the same venues. This has given the Norwegian Traditional Music Agency, Music Export Norway and the Norwegian Embassy in London the opportunity to sign a partnership agreement with Showcase Scotland in 2010. Norway receives the handover from Quebec who is partner in 2009. The agreement gives Norwegian artists a significant opportunity to play for a global audience, eager to discover new music to bring back home.

Says the Norwegian Traditional Music Agency’s Silje Førland Erdal: ‘This initiative presents Norway’s prime folk performers with a unique opportunity to present themselves on one of the scene’s major showcasing arenas and to network with key international reps. ‘Spotlight on Norway’ also represents a strengthened status and increased international focus on traditional Norwegian folk music.’

’Spotlight on Norway’/Showcase Scotland performer profiles:

Synnøve S. Bjørset

Valkyrien Allstars


Gjermund Larsen Trio


Unni Boksasp

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