Doble whammy for World Idol winner at Nordic Music Awards

This year’s World Idol winner, Kurt Nilsen, took home two prizes at the Nordic Music Awards Thursday night.

Kurt Nilsen (BMG) (lite bilde)

World Idol winner and Norwegian household name Kurt Nilsen scored a double whammy at the inaugural Nordic Music Awards on Thursday night. The awards for Best Norwegian artist and Best Norwegian newcomer went to the Bergen singer who’s experienced a tremendous career boost since his victory at the Norwegian Idol contest. This January, Nilsen took home the first place at the international World Idol finals.

Says the happy winner to Norwegian daily VG: ‘It was a major relief to win these awards. I was so nervous in the minutes before it was announced that I had won. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’m on my way back to the limelight and has to prove a thing or two now.’

Nilsen also performed his new single ‘My Street’ from his upcoming album ‘A Part Of Me’ that is scheduled for release on BMG on 8. November. “Singing ‘My Street’ was what was most important for me today, but to win two prizes was also a huge bonus. Now I can hardly wait until the record is released – I incredible impatient. And of course, very anxious to see how the album’s received.’

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