German success for Marit Larsen

Marit Larsen’s irresistible single If A Song Could Get Me You reaches the top of the German and Austrian single charts.

Marit Larsen 2006 (photo: Stian Andersen)

Following the successful release of her second album on the domestic market, pop icon Marit Larsen continues her international campaign by touring Europe and supporting the release of the album ‘If A Song Could Get Me You’ which features selected tracks from her two previous albums.

The launch of both single and album has gone down extremely well as witnessed by the single If A Song Could Get Me You no #1 spot on the official singles charts in Germany and Austria this week. The album which bears the same name performs equally as well, debuting on no#3 in Germany and #7 in Austria.

Once a member of teeny-pop duo M2M, Marit Larsen played the guitar, while Marion Raven played the piano, and did half of the vocals and songwriting. After touring the world and producing two albums with hits such as "Don't Say You Love Me", "Mirror Mirror", and "Everything", M2M was dropped by Atlantic Records in September 2002 and the duo subsequently parted ways.

After the breakup of M2M, Raven set off on her own solo career, while Larsen took time off to reflect on her career. Fan interest was reignited in 2004 and early 2005, as Larsen made several appearances in Norway, showing off a darker-haired image and new music with increased instrumental and lyrical scope.

In fall 2005, Larsen recorded her debut album, "Under the Surface", with her new record label, EMI. The first single, "Don't Save Me", made radio impact on January 3, 2006, and quickly climbed into the top ten on many Norwegian charts and playlists. After the physical single release on February 6, 2006, "Don't Save Me" jumped to #1 on the official Norwegian singles chart in its second week of availability, and then spent five consecutive weeks in the top spot.

Wrote in its track review (four stars) of Don’t Save Me: “Marit Larsen-- "the blonde one" from Norwegian prefab twosome M2M-- has publicly deserted her handcuffed history with her solo debut, Under the Surface. The bright, kitchen-sink production on first single "Don't Save Me" twinkles benignly with a sterile, fjord-pop luster. It throws scattershot percussion-- wide drums and handclaps-- next to synths, a Stevie Wonder harmonica, and an ABBA piano refrain. Yet its busy sound is meaningfully busy, redeemed in the tug of war between the song's ebullient veneer and its freighted lyrics. One luscious meme circulating on fan-girl LiveJournals holds that Larsen's second-person jaunt is aimed at her former M2M partner, Marion Raven. Larsen denies it (surprise surprise), but from her opening couplet ("You say we must move forward/ And I say let's not go back"), an anxious fatigue masquerades as friendly consensus, an agreement to leave the past in the past. Adorned with quavering mandolins, the chorus embraces the same passive/aggressive duality: Larsen makes her titular request, confessing amongst aspartame melodies, "Our little castle is a house of cards." Plump with both joy and melancholy, "Don't Save Me" spills over its unbending pop-song borders into grownup territory, probing the thorny process of letting go.”

"Under the Surface" became a certified gold record in Norway, selling over 20,000 copies. In late 2006 and early 2007, "Under the Surface" won Larsen other accolades, including the award for Best Norwegian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and the Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy) awards for Best Female Artist and Best Video ("Don't Save Me"). After Larsen's Spellemannprisen victories in January 2007, the album crossed the 40,000 copy mark, qualifying it for platinum certification. It was later announced in May 2007 that the album had reached double platinum status. In addition, Larsen was the most played artist on NRK P3 Radio in 2006, with her three singles ("Don't Save Me", "Under the Surface", and "Only a Fool") being played collectively more than 880 times.

"Under the Surface" was released in India and Thailand in late 2006, and in November, "Don't Save Me" began to be played on MTV Asia. Larsen also began making international appearances, performing at special events in Germany and Spain in September 2006, India in October 2006, and France in January 2007. She appeared in the United States at South by Southwest in March 2007. On May 2, 2007, Right Bank Music announced that Larsen would be managed by them for a possible release in the U.S.

Marit Larsen's second solo album, "The Chase", was released domestically in October last year. Like "Under the Surface", it was well-received by critics; in December, it was named as the top album of the year by the Norwegian daily Dagbladet’s reviewers and it subsequently reached no #3 on the national sales charts.

Having toured Europe with Jason Mraz earlier this year, Marit Larsen returns to the Autbahn with her band in November for a string of live dates across Germany.

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