Alarm nominations ready

Now in its sixth year, the Alarm prize has established itself as one of the Norwegian music scene’s most central events. The nominations for the sought-after award are finally ready

Madrugada 2005 New York (Photo: Autumn de Wilde)

Launched six years ago as an alternative to the established Spellemansprisen awards (“the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy”), the Alarm awards has now firmly established itself as one of the main events for the Norwegian music industry. The original initiative came out of a desire to establish a music prize that would better reflect the activity on the younger, independent and less established scene than that covered by the somewhat more conservative Spellemannspris. Alarm gained imminent status and popularity forcing the Spellemanspris committee to renew its approach to the nomination process and adapt to a changing music scene. For the last few years, the Alarm show has been held in conjunction with the by:Larm trade event, but in 2005 the two events parted ways with by:Larm being staged in Stavanger and Alarm at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo.

The Alarm awards are given on the basis of votes submitted at the Alarm web-site.
App. 80 music journalists have picked out the nominees in the various categories, and it is now up to the fans to cast their vote on the site.

These are the nominees for the 2006 Alarm prize awards:

Richochets ‘Isolation’

Madrugada ‘The Deep End’

Serena-Maneesh ‘Serena-Maneesh’

JR Ewing ‘Maelstrom’

My Midnight Creeps ‘My Midnight Creeps’

Ane Brun ‘A Temporary Dive’

Loch Ness Mouse ‘11-22’

Maria Mena ‘Apparently Unaffected’

Anja Garbarek ‘Briefly Shaking’

Sofian ‘This Is Sofian’

Stonegard Arrows’

Grimfist ‘10 Steps To Hell’

El Caco ‘The Search’

Scum ‘Gospel For The Sick’

Solefald ‘Red For Fire’

Paperboys ‘When Worlds Collide’

Cast ‘Problembarn’

Onkl P ‘Det kunne vært deg’

Warlocks ‘The Never Ending Story’

Tommy Tee ‘Tommy Tycker Om Mej’

Jaga Jazzist ‘What We Must’

Cloroform ‘Cracked Wide Open’

Toy ‘Toy’

Supersilent ‘7’

Alog Miniatures’

Røyksopp ‘The Understanding’
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas ‘Lindtrøm & Prins Thomas’
Datarock ‘Datarock Datarock’

Annie ‘DJ Kicks’

Future Prophecies ‘Warlords Rising’

Kornstad/Wiik ‘Eight Tunes We Like’

Shining ‘In The Kingdom Of Kitch’

The Thing ‘Live At Blå’

Tord Gustavsen Trio ‘The Ground’

Atomic ‘Bikini Tapes’

Madrugada ‘The Kids Are On High Street’

Röyksopp ‘What Else Is There’

Ane Brun ‘My Lover Will Go’

Superfamily ‘Taxi Dancing’

Mira Craig ‘Boogieman’



Purified in Blood


Kaizers Orchestra

My Midnight Creeps
Mira Craig
Animal Alpha

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