Alf Hurum - Biography

The earliest serious representative of Impressionism in Norway was Alf Hurum (1882-1972). By 1916, when he gave the first concert of his own work, he had studied in Berlin, Paris, and St. Petersburg. His compositions from this period already display some features of Impressionism, and in his his Exoctic Suite og 1918 the Impressionist influence is conspicuous. Other works of mention include the orchestral suite Fairy Tale Land (1920), a symphonic poem Benedict and Aarolilja (1923), Nordic Suite, two sonatas for violin and piano, and a string quartet. He left Norway in 1924 and spent most of the rest of his life in Hawaii, where he founded the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra and served as its conductor from 1924 to 1926. Thus his influence on Norwegian music was smaller than it otherwise might have been. In 1927 he completed a sympohny that was performed in both Bergen and Oslo tha following year. This versatile and gifted artist later worked chiefly as a painter.

Nils Grinde: A History of Norwegian Music
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London, cop. 1991)
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