The Alarm awards

The Alarm awards have usurped the throne as Norway’s most important musical awards in rhythmic music. This year’s event, which went down on Saturday, was studded with memorable live performances and some special awardees.

Alarm-logo (Ill:

The live performances included Satyricon, Alarm winner Ida Maria, last year’s super hyped 120 days, Live-award winners Superfamily, Electronica winner Kim Hiorthøy, Mari Boine, We and a special tribute to the recently diseased Saint Thomas.

Most special among the winners was the late Robert Burås’ band My Midnight Creeps pocketing the rock award for the album Histamin, Superfamily winning two prizes and of course Ida Maria winning the chief alarm award, the undomesticated young lady still only a single-artist.

The list of winners was as follows:

Newcomer of the year: Moving Oos

Video of the year: Tungtvann «2 uka»

Song of the year: Superfamily «The radio has expressed concerns about what you did last night»

The Alarm award: Ida Maria

Pop: Marit Larsen «Under the Surface»

Electronica: Kim Hiorthøy «My Last Day»

RiksAlarm: Ungdomsskulen

Jazz: Shining «Grindstone»

Rock: My Midnight Creeps «Histamin»

Metal: Dimmu Borgir «Insorte Diaboli»

Live: Superfamily

Hiphop/rap: Karpe Diem «Rett fra hjertet»

Winners of the categories ’video’ og ’RiksAlarm’ were selected by a jury, while the live award was bestowed based on a joint nomination process where journalists and the public had a 50% say each.

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