by:Larm’s official live programme announced

Scandinavia’s premier music industry gathering; by:Larm announced its official live programme line-up this week.

Jaga Jazzist 2010

With Scandinavia’s premier music industry gathering; by:Larm fast approaching, the event’s live line-up is now official.

The program is packed with exciting names from Norway and the Nordic countries. It contains nearly 50 handpicked Norwegian demo artists, over 30 exciting Scandinavian artists, about 20 folk-/jazz- and roots artists as well as 50 established Norwegian artists who bet on making it big abroad.

Writes the festival/music industry gathering in a press statement: - by: Larm is extremely proud of this year's program, and this year again we have put on display a broad and diverse selection of talent; fresh live debutantes, exciting demo artists, as well as a number of more established artists who have the potential to break through on an international level.

Says Program Director Joakim Haugland: - We are thrilled with the program this year. We have many exciting unknown fresh artists, and coupled them with more established artists who are primed for international touring. Moreover, we have three not entirely unfamiliar names in new and exciting settings, such as the live debut of Todd Terje and Dølle Jølle, Skjelvekommode (Frode Strømstad from I Was a King and Frank Tønnesen from Tønes) and Thomas Eriksen, a well established producer now joining the ranks of the artists.

Featuring 400 concerts and 180 artists on 25 stages in the middle of Oslo’s city centre, the festival pledges to give everyone who comes loads of amazing concert experience!

Full list of artists and live line-ups.

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