Wolfgang Plagge: Ars Nova - The Legacy

MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with Wolfgang Plagge’s "Ars Nova - The Legacy".

Wolfgang Plagge - Ars Nova (The Legacy) cover

Composer Wolfgang Plagge’s interest has over the last couple of years been preoccupied with developing a compositional idiom reflecting the music of the so-called Ars Nova period; that is, about the 14th century in Europe. During this period, music soared to new heights of freedom and invention – still, the medieval legacy was not forgotten. The Old perishes – but nourishes and feeds the New. New art forms constantly develop under the influence of older forms. Nevertheless, Plagge’s interest isn’t limited to the Ars Nova but encompasses consideration for the influence of early church music from lower Europe on the medieval folk idioms of Norway. Throughout Ars Nova, Plagge displays a compositional voice that’s distinctive and refined – developing New Art under influence of the Old.

Wolfgang Plagge: Ars Nova – The Legacy (2L 2L6)

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