Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 1

2007 marks Bergen's Nattjazz Festival's 35th anniversary. Courtesy of photograper Eirik Lande, MIC captures the ambiance of the concerts held last week in Bergen.

All photos: Eirik Lande Zanussi Five, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

Zanussi Five put on a convincing show in Bergen. Thsi shot shows Rolf -Erik Nystrøm (left), Kjetil Møster, Eirik Hegdal, and band leader and composer Per Zanussi. The collective's drummer Per Oddvar Johansen is not featured in this shot.

Hanna Gjermundrød, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

Hanna Gjermundrød presented a female perspective on Leonhard Cohen's music through the concert concept You Loved Me Like a Stone. Daniel Formo, organ.

Jon Eberson, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (374x509)

Veteran Jon Eberson visited Bergen with his own trio that features Torstein Lofthus on drums and Per Zanussi on bass.

Terje Isungset, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

The versatile and distinct Terje Isungset, here seen in his right element as a percussionist in close interplay with dancer Therese Skauge.

Puma, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

Puma, 2006 winners of the talent recognition programme INTRO, here represented by Øystein Moen on keys and Gard Nilssen on drums.

Monolithic, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

Guitarist and Puma-member Stian Westerhus performed in several constellations during the 2007 Nattjazz. Here seen in the impro-metal-duo Monolithic with drummer Kenneth Kapstad.

Macy Gray, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (374x600)

Macy Gray got the audience moving during her open-air concert on fri 1st of June
Check out more of Eirk Lande's photography on his own site.

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