Stargate: the series continue

The next episode of the larger than life series of the Norwegian Stargate production team is ready. Like a supernova the stars now merge, and Beyoncé is joined by Shakira on the Stargate song “Beautiful Liar”.

Beyoncé 2007

The Norwegian Daily Dagbladet reports that the two perhaps biggest stars on the firmament of female pop, Beyoncé Knowles and Shakira have joined forces on a new version of a song written by the Norwegian prodigy producers Stargate. Originally recorded by Beyoncé for her 2006 album B’Day during the "Irreplaceable sessions" (the number one hit written and produced by the Norwegians and their collaborators) “Beautiful Liar” has been re-recorded, and this time as a duo with Shakira.
“Beyoncé sent us a new version of the song,” says Tom Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen of Stargate, “and it sounds fabulous”.

Nothing is definite yet, but the song will probably feature on the new special deluxe edition of B’Day. In accordance with such an even wider-scoping re-launch of the album “Beautiful Liar” has been made in four different versions; the album version, one in Spanish, in Spanglish (English and Spanish) as well as a special radio cut.

So, whether one’s taste is number one or two of the global languages, or perhaps a combination -and a combination it is anyhow; of the most gleaming and radiant of the girls up on the stage- “Beautiful Liar” will most certainly soon arrive through the air and curl up in your ear.

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