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05.07.2013 The way forward
05.07.2013 What was MIC Norway?
20.12.2012 Music Norway’s first MD appointed
05.12.2012 99 Minutes #28
29.11.2012 Terje Isungset UK tour
23.11.2012 Ida Jenshus - Live at the Office
22.11.2012 Hanne Hukkelberg European tour
14.11.2012 Highasakite confirmed for Ja Ja Ja
14.11.2012 Enslaved announce US/Canadian tour dates
12.11.2012 Supersilent with John Paul Jones UK tour
09.11.2012 Norway @ London Jazz Festival
07.11.2012 99 Minutes #27 HCMF focus
05.11.2012 Live At the Office
15.10.2012 Susanna European tour
15.10.2012 Womex 2012: Niko Valkeapää
05.10.2012 From the Vault: Leif Ove Andsnes – Moments of Freedom
03.10.2012 Riitir
03.10.2012 Team Me European tour
03.10.2012 Purified in Blood heads out on European tour
28.09.2012 From the Vault: Tommy Tokyo
25.09.2012 Nude on Sand at Café Oto
24.09.2012 For the Country
21.09.2012 From the Vault: Sivert Høyem - Into the great wide own
20.09.2012 Band of the Week: Elephant9
13.09.2012 The Beethoven Journey
13.09.2012 Fire Walk With Me
11.09.2012 Ja Ja Ja
04.09.2012 Conexions: Jaga Jazzist & Britten Sinfonia at Ultima
24.08.2012 Bummer Gun
23.08.2012 Turbonegro back in the UK
21.08.2012 Band of the Week: Highasakite
17.08.2012 Lindstrøm announces new album
16.08.2012 Growth on home market
03.07.2012 Wrapping it up for the summer
03.07.2012 Conexions: Christian Wallumrød, Karl Seglem & Garth Knox at LSO St Luke’s
03.07.2012 Norwegian summer festivals
26.06.2012 All About Jazz Presents: Doing It Norway
18.06.2012 Minibus Pimps
14.06.2012 Flight of a Dying Sun
13.06.2012 Turbonegro returns
11.06.2012 New release and summer touring for Vilde Frang
06.06.2012 Nordic Jazz Festival in Washington DC
31.05.2012 Conexions: Food at Bath Festival
24.05.2012 Katzenjammer reaches 100k units
24.05.2012 Eple Trio tours Japan
21.05.2012 Sondre Lerche UK focus
21.05.2012 Season’s last Ja Ja Ja night
15.05.2012 Øya & MEN with Berlin focus
15.05.2012 Knut Reiersrud - Live At The Office
14.05.2012 Sounds and Sights
14.05.2012 Ringstad wins Eurovision Young Musicians finals
10.05.2012 Natsukashii
10.05.2012 Nils Petter Molvær German tour
10.05.2012 Six Cups of Rebel
09.05.2012 Norway at The Great Escape
03.05.2012 22 UK tour
03.05.2012 99 Minutes #23
02.05.2012 Team Me UK tour
26.04.2012 Modern Norwegian Jazz and beyond
26.04.2012 Enslaved signs worldwide Nuclear Blast deal
25.04.2012 Trio Mediaeval & Arve Henriksen UK tour
25.04.2012 Philco Fiction European tour
19.04.2012 Atlanta, Montreal and ...Oslo
19.04.2012 Ane Brun US/Canadian tour
19.04.2012 Jazzahead! 2012
19.04.2012 Jazzahead 2012: Sidewalk Comedy
19.04.2012 Jazzahead! 2012: Solveig Slettahjell
19.04.2012 Jazzahead 2012!: Marius Neset Golden Xplosion
19.04.2012 Jazzahead! 2012: Fattigfolket
19.04.2012 Norwegian Jazz Festivals 2012
19.04.2012 Susanna Live At The Office
11.04.2012 Prestigious award for Vilde Frang
29.03.2012 Touring action for Honningbarna
28.03.2012 The Silicone Veil
27.03.2012 Wolves Like Us European tour
23.03.2012 Voices that matter
13.03.2012 Katzenjammer - Live At The Office
12.03.2012 99 Minutes comp winners
12.03.2012 Tord Gustavsen Quartet UK tour
12.03.2012 SXSW 2012
09.03.2012 A Walk on the Dark Side
08.03.2012 North American tour for Lindstrøm
07.03.2012 300 Acting Spaces
06.03.2012 UK album release for Team Me
02.03.2012 Thomas Dybdahl heads out on European tour
28.02.2012 Maja Ratkje UK tour
14.02.2012 Playlists
13.02.2012 Valkyrien Allstars - Live At The Office
10.02.2012 SXSW acts confirmed
09.02.2012 Strong UK reviews for Hukkelberg’s latest
02.02.2012 Øya & Music Export Norway London club night
02.02.2012 Best of 2011 by DJ 99
31.01.2012 Årabrot European tour
31.01.2012 Megaphonic Thrift new album and European tour
26.01.2012 Conexions
25.01.2012 Eivind Aarset
25.01.2012 Iain Ballamy
25.01.2012 Garth Knox
25.01.2012 Karl Seglem
25.01.2012 Christian Wallumrød
25.01.2012 Sidsel Endresen
25.01.2012 DJ99
25.01.2012 Lars Saabye Christensen
25.01.2012 Nils Petter Molvær
25.01.2012 US focus for Andsnes in February
13.01.2012 Jaga Jazzist and Britten Sinfonia
13.01.2012 In The Country with BJ Cole
02.01.2012 2012's first Ja Ja Ja club night
22.12.2011 Merry X-mas!
15.12.2011 Spellemannspris nominations unveiled
15.12.2011 99 Minutes #19
07.12.2011 11 Norwegian acts confirmed for Eurosonic ’12
05.12.2011 US/Canadian tour for Thomas Dybdahl
01.12.2011 Final nominees for Nordic Music unveiled
01.12.2011 Grammy nominations
30.11.2011 Katzenjammer returns to the UK
28.11.2011 Nordic Music Prize candidates unveiled
15.11.2011 Statoil grant to Mari Eriksmoen
15.11.2011 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011
10.11.2011 99 Minutes #18 - Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival special
02.11.2011 Ragnhild Hemsing and Hallgrim Hansegård – Live At The Office
25.10.2011 99 Minutes #17
25.10.2011 Womex action for Farmers Market
24.10.2011 Never On A Sunday
04.10.2011 Real Ones - Live At The Office
21.09.2011 Christian Wallumrød Ensemble UK tour
21.09.2011 In The Country Asian tour
20.09.2011 99 Minutes #16 Folkelarm special
15.09.2011 Live At The Office - Paal Nilssen-Love Trio
09.09.2011 Rave reviews for Årabrot’s latest
08.09.2011 UK/German live action for Katzenjammer
06.09.2011 Ultima 2011
06.09.2011 Marit Larsen awarded Music Export Norway program
05.09.2011 99 Minutes #15
18.08.2011 Øya 2011
18.08.2011 99 Minutes #14
04.08.2011 New MIC Norway director appointed
05.07.2011 Gjermund Larsen and The Trondheim Soloists team up for Førde Festival premiere
01.07.2011 Adjagas US tour
22.06.2011 JazzNorway in a NutShell 2011
09.06.2011 Gjermund Larsen Trio in London
09.06.2011 Jaga Jazzist US/Canadian tour
08.06.2011 In The Country North American tour
05.06.2011 99 Minutes #13
27.05.2011 Norwegian Summer Jazz Festivals 2011
27.05.2011 Strong fRoots reviews for Fliflet, Seglem and Lundeng
27.05.2011 Rockheim Hall of Fame nominees unveiled
27.05.2011 Andsnes, Hemsing and Thing Helseth to Cheltenham
26.05.2011 Jana Winderen wins Golden Nica at 2011 Ars Electronica
25.05.2011 Young Dreams to play Ja Ja Ja
24.05.2011 Oslo the Festival City
13.05.2011 Vilde Frang wins Classic Brit Award
12.05.2011 Håkon Kornstad – Live At The Office
10.05.2011 99 Minutes #12 – Jazz festival edition
05.05.2011 The Great Escape
04.05.2011 Susanne Sundfør - Live At The Office
03.05.2011 Live At The Office
03.05.2011 Heroes & Zeros Germany tour
03.05.2011 Thomas Dybdahl European tour
03.05.2011 BigBang - Live At The Office
02.05.2011 Sisu - Live At The Office
29.04.2011 99 Minutes #11
15.04.2011 99 Minutes #10 - Cheltenham Jazz Festival focus
01.04.2011 Gjermund Larsen Trio - Live at The Office
28.03.2011 99 Minutes #9
14.03.2011 Christianssand String Swing Ensemble - Live at The Office
11.03.2011 SXSW 2011
07.03.2011 Spellemannspris winners
04.03.2011 Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Joshua Redman to tour Germany and Austria
03.03.2011 Jaga Jazzist returns to the UK
02.03.2011 Mathias Eick - Live at The Office
01.03.2011 Heroes & Zeros US tour
28.02.2011 Terje Mikkelsen back in the UK
22.02.2011 Silje Nes US tour
21.02.2011 Statoil grant to Kvelertak
18.02.2011 MIC launches office concert series
17.02.2011 New Oslo Philharmonic chief conductor announced
16.02.2011 Out Of The Black...
15.02.2011 Sharp increase in streaming revenue
14.02.2011 Stargate wins Grammy
11.02.2011 By:Larm 2011
10.02.2011 Carnegie Hall recital debut for Tine Ting Helseth
09.02.2011 Lindstrøm US tour
08.02.2011 Music streaming services on the increase
04.02.2011 Trio Mediæval and Arve Henriksen team up for London performance
01.02.2011 Okkultokrati heads out on European tour
31.01.2011 Øya Festival brings Norwegian talent to London
28.01.2011 Applauded comeback for cellist Truls Mørk
28.01.2011 Sivert Høyem with UK ‘Next Big Thing’ live appearance
28.01.2011 Harrys Gym UK tour
17.01.2011 Spellemannspris nominations unveiled
11.01.2011 Low December sales
11.01.2011 18 Norwegian acts confirmed for SXSW
06.01.2011 Terje Isungset with UK ice concerts
07.12.2010 Norwegian acts confirmed for EuroSonic ‘11
02.12.2010 Grammy nominations 2010
30.11.2010 The Lionheart Brothers return with new album
25.11.2010 HCMF pays tribute to Arne Nordheim
23.11.2010 Mayhem live in the UK
23.11.2010 Risør Chamber Music Festival anniversary tour
17.11.2010 UK appearances for Motorpsycho and Elephant9
17.11.2010 Lindstrøm awarded major export grant
17.11.2010 Low October sales
02.11.2010 HCMF 2010: Norway focus
01.11.2010 99 Minutes #7- Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival focus
26.10.2010 Womex 2010
26.10.2010 Slagr - minimalist chamber-folk
26.10.2010 Elisabeth Vatn - giving Nordic bagpipe traditions a contemporary makeover
07.10.2010 Unni Løvlid heads out on UK tour
04.10.2010 99 Minutes #6
15.09.2010 Low August sales figures
08.09.2010 Folkelarm 2010
07.09.2010 Röyksopp to release‘Senior’
30.08.2010 99 Minutes #5 - Folkelarm special
26.08.2010 Healthy July sales
19.08.2010 Casiokids heads out on North American tour
18.08.2010 Andsnes and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra to the UK
16.08.2010 99 Minutes #4
10.08.2010 Øya Festival 2010
02.07.2010 Førde Folk Music Festival 2010
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Key Events
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Warg/Buen
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Unni Boksasp.
02.07.2010 Ole Bull - marking the 200th anniversary of Norway’s first international superstar
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Gjermund Larsen Trio
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Draumkvedet
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: DJ 99
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch
17.06.2010 Low May sales
14.06.2010 99 Minutes #3
09.06.2010 JazzNorway in a NutShell 2010
09.06.2010 Hectic summer season for Katzenjammer
06.06.2010 Arne Nordheim dies at 78
04.06.2010 launched
04.06.2010 Post ESC success for Madcon
03.06.2010 Dimmu Borgir prepares new album
01.06.2010 Lasse Thoresen awarded The Nordic Council Music Prize 2010
31.05.2010 99 Minutes
31.05.2010 99 Minutes #2
28.05.2010 North American and UK appearances for Silje Nes
25.05.2010 Low April sales
25.05.2010 Röyksopp reveal ‘Senior’ album details
10.05.2010 Casiokids heads out on UK tour
05.05.2010 Low March sales on domestic market
04.05.2010 The Great Escape Festival 2010
05.04.2010 Showcase Scotland 2010
05.04.2010 Synnøve S. Bjørset
05.04.2010 Majorstuen
05.04.2010 Gjermund Larsen Trio
09.03.2010 SXSW showcase schedule announced
08.03.2010 Spellemannspris winners
02.03.2010 Maja Ratkje: Faster than sound
01.03.2010 a-ha to support new talent
24.02.2010 Maria Mena to the UK
24.02.2010 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
26.01.2010 Positive December sales
26.01.2010 Spellemanspris nominees announced
25.01.2010 Norwegian MP3 pioneers launch new music file format
22.01.2010 15 Norwegian acts to SXSW
21.01.2010 Real Life Is No Cool
08.12.2009 Valkyrien Allstars heads out on Japanese tour
03.12.2009 Bigbang heading out on UK tour
02.12.2009 Thomas Dybdahl UK tour in December
09.11.2009 Marit Larsen’s German success continues
09.11.2009 Stable September sales
05.11.2009 North American performances for Andsnes in November
05.11.2009 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland 2010: Valkyrien Allstars
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland 2010: Unni Boksasp Ensemble
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland 2010: Synnøve S. Bjørset
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland 2010: Skáidi
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland 2010: Gjermund Larsen Trio
21.10.2009 Showcase Scotland 2010: Majorstuen
15.10.2009 a-ha say goodbye
07.10.2009 European live dates for Sondre Lerche in October
30.09.2009 UK appearance and prestigious Danish award for Vilde Frang
30.09.2009 Irish tour for Hekla Stålstrenga
29.09.2009 Satyricon heads out on US/Canadian tour
23.09.2009 Serena Maneesh signs to 4AD
15.09.2009 Folkelarm ’09 performer profiles
14.09.2009 Aslak O Brimi and Erlend Viken
14.09.2009 Tiar
14.09.2009 Dozo
14.09.2009 Rysstad/Storli/Morken
14.09.2009 Synnøve S. Bjørset
14.09.2009 Seven Winds
14.09.2009 Valkyrien Allstars
14.09.2009 Marie Forr Klåpbakken Trio
14.09.2009 Gro Marie Svidal
14.09.2009 Unni Løvlid
14.09.2009 Elisabeth Vatn - Piper on the Roof ensemble
14.09.2009 Ragnhild Furebotten and Tore Bruvoll w/Hekla Stålstrenga
12.09.2009 Den Store Norske Gitarkvartett
12.09.2009 Torgeir Vassvik
01.09.2009 North American tour and album release for Sondre Lerche
27.08.2009 Thomas Dybdahl UK album release
26.08.2009 Healthy July sales
25.08.2009 German success for Marit Larsen
21.08.2009 Eivind Aarset: cooking in the undercurrent
20.08.2009 Annie album on its way
20.08.2009 Susanna And The Magical Orchestra: 3
04.08.2009 Domestic sales down in first half of 2009
04.08.2009 UK success for a-ha’s latest
03.07.2009 Wrapping it up for the summer
02.07.2009 Førde Folk Music Festival
01.07.2009 Gigs not to be missed
01.07.2009 Columbi Egg club nights
01.07.2009 The Snuff Grinders
01.07.2009 Sturla Eide
01.07.2009 Synnøve S. Bjørset
01.07.2009 Contemporary meets tradition
15.06.2009 Ungdomskulen UK tour
11.06.2009 Norwegian focus at EuroSonic 2010
10.06.2009 Nils-Petter Molvær to the US
10.06.2009 Arve Henriksen heads out on US tour
05.06.2009 Massive post-Eurovision success for Alexander Rybak
05.06.2009 JazzNorway in a Nutshell 2009
03.06.2009 Trio Mediæval European festival dates
03.06.2009 Pirate Love embarks on US/Canadian tour
03.06.2009 I Was A King Us tour
20.05.2009 European tour for Truls Mørk
20.05.2009 Domestic music sales downturn continues
20.05.2009 Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas return with new album
16.05.2009 Norway wins the Eurovision Song Contest Final!
14.05.2009 Norwegian acts at the Cannes Film Festival
11.05.2009 Billboard Hot 100 action for Madcon
07.05.2009 Casiokids heads out on European tour
07.05.2009 European tour for Hanne Hukkelberg
06.05.2009 The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra heads out on European tour
06.05.2009 Ten Norwegian acts to The Great Escape
24.04.2009 Healthy March sales
21.04.2009 Report claims P2P users buy more music, not less
01.04.2009 Enslaved US/Canadian tour
30.03.2009 UK tour for Mathias Eick
27.03.2009 Favourable ’Junior’ reviews
20.03.2009 Marit Larsen heads out on European tour
17.03.2009 Ida Maria heads out on US tour
12.03.2009 Röyksopp streams entire album
12.03.2009 Kongsberg and Molde festivals announce programme details
12.03.2009 Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra heads out on tour
09.03.2009 Röyksopp + Robyn
27.02.2009 High altitude percussion
23.02.2009 Ida Maria signs to Island Def Jam/Mercury
11.02.2009 The stage is set for by:Larm ’09
11.02.2009 Ane Brun returns to the UK
09.02.2009 Stargate wins Grammy
05.02.2009 Domestic recession
28.01.2009 a-ha to release album in June
13.01.2009 Don’t Stop
07.01.2009 Norway at EuroSonic Noorderslag 2009
07.01.2009 Spellemannprisen nominees announced
05.01.2009 Röyksopp announce album details
15.12.2008 Röyksopp premieres new track
11.12.2008 by:Larm announces 55 new acts
11.12.2008 US focus for Ida Maria in 2009
04.12.2008 Grammy nominations for Stargate
04.12.2008 Grammy nominations for Andsnes, Trio Mediæval, the Trondheim Soloists and Lindberg Lyd
10.11.2008 Mari Boine
07.11.2008 Punkt UK
07.11.2008 Ice Music
06.11.2008 Bugge’s Room
05.11.2008 Frøy Aagre
04.11.2008 Sidemen at the LJF
04.11.2008 Arild Andersen and Paolo Vinaccia at the London Jazz Festival
03.11.2008 Enslaved heads out on european tour
24.09.2008 a-ha to record new studio album
19.09.2008 Kim André Rysstad
18.09.2008 Lukestar heads out on European tour
17.09.2008 Jay-Z and Stargate join forces
17.09.2008 Madcon continues to climb UK radio and TV charts
17.09.2008 August recession
12.09.2008 Folkelarm ’08 live
12.09.2008 Folkelarm 2008
27.08.2008 Autumn releases
27.08.2008 UK Top five for Madcon
26.08.2008 Röyksopp set to return in October
25.08.2008 July setback on domestic market
25.08.2008 Favourable Pitchfork review for Lindstrøm’s latest
20.08.2008 Satyricon reveals album details
20.08.2008 Kaleidoscopic
19.08.2008 UK Top Ten for Madcon
15.08.2008 Solid UK chart performances for Ida Maria
15.08.2008 Where You Go I Go Too
14.08.2008 First Øya reviews in
04.08.2008 Domestic sales down in first half of 2008
27.06.2008 Bruvoll/Halvorsen
27.06.2008 Wrapping it up for the summer
19.06.2008 Rising May sales
17.06.2008 Buene and Kvandal to be performed in Berlin
11.06.2008 Japanese tour for leading improvisers
11.06.2008 UK gigs for Animal Alpha
11.06.2008 Ur Girlfriend Hates Me
04.06.2008 Bit20 to UK festival
04.06.2008 Rolf Wallin work sees UK performance
26.05.2008 Thoresen premiere at the Bergen International Festival
26.05.2008 German musical action for Kverndokk
21.05.2008 A-ha members to play London gigs
20.05.2008 The Trondheim Soloists to tour Asia with Anne-Sophie Mutter
19.05.2008 JazzNorway in a Nutshell
19.05.2008 Healthy April sales
14.05.2008 UK tour for Silje Nes
29.04.2008 Strong Norwegian focus at The Great Escape
29.04.2008 Low March sales
09.04.2008 US concerts for Andsnes in April
04.04.2008 Gothminister heads out on European tour
25.03.2008 Positive February sales
27.02.2008 By:Larm 2008 = success
18.02.2008 US tour for Silje Nes
06.02.2008 Ida Maria back in the UK
05.02.2008 The National Opera postpones first premiere
05.02.2008 EB Games acquires Norwegian music retailer group
04.02.2008 Sounds from the Cathedral in the UK
04.02.2008 Spellemannspris winners announced
01.02.2008 Top ten Billboard action for stargate
21.01.2008 2007 sales down 4%
03.01.2008 Stavanger is European Capital of Culture 2008
13.12.2007 November recession
10.12.2007 Frode Gjerstad Trio to tour the US and Canada
04.12.2007 December gigs for Datarock
04.12.2007 Silje Nes
16.11.2007 Positive October figures
14.11.2007 Sissel reaches No.1 on Billboard
07.11.2007 Sondre Lerche heads out on US/Canadian tour
19.10.2007 Adjágas return to the UK
18.10.2007 Rising sales trends
12.10.2007 UK gigs for Biosphere
03.10.2007 Declining August sales
11.09.2007 Saint Thomas 1976-2007
06.09.2007 Big in Japan
29.08.2007 Datarock takes on the US
17.08.2007 Jazkamer head out on UK tour
17.08.2007 Rising July sales
16.08.2007 New general manager of the Oslo opera appointed
14.08.2007 Rec 90 in the spotlight at Popkomm
14.08.2007 First Øya reviews in
06.08.2007 The Guardian praises the Bukta Festival
03.08.2007 Domestic sales still falling
01.08.2007 UK radio play for Popium
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 1
21.06.2007 May recession
01.06.2007 Food to tour the UK
30.05.2007 Lene Marlin and Stargate contributes to upcoming Rihanna album
16.05.2007 Tuco’s Lounge head out on German tour
14.05.2007 Classical Brit for Andsnes
14.05.2007 April recession
26.04.2007 Norwegian bands celebrate May Holiday in Beijing
24.04.2007 Datarock announce North American and European tour
23.04.2007 Release date for new Turbonegro album confirmed
20.04.2007 Strong UK reviews for 120 Days
20.04.2007 German tour for pianist Håvard Gimse and the Norwegian Army Band, Bergen
18.04.2007 US awards for StarGate
17.04.2007 Dimmu Borgir head out on US/Canadian tour
13.04.2007 Stable first quarter sales
11.04.2007 The Thing head out on US tour
10.04.2007 Norwegian/Finnish folk ensemble head out on US/Canadian tour
29.03.2007 Major European tour for Hanne Hukkelberg
27.03.2007 Ryfylke heads out on US tour
12.03.2007 Noxagt head out on US tour
12.03.2007 February recession
08.03.2007 Heading for Texas
08.03.2007 BBC runs Punkt Festival focus
07.03.2007 1349 heads out on US/Canadian tour
06.03.2007 Serena-Maneesh to support NiN on Japan/Australia tour
27.02.2007 Rave US reviews for Trygve Seim
22.02.2007 Positive US reception for new Shining album
21.02.2007 Adjagas to open Glastonbury
16.02.2007 Stable January sales
16.02.2007 Lindstrøm to produce next 120 Days album
15.02.2007 Datarock signs with Nettwerk
07.02.2007 Bone Collector
07.02.2007 Closing the Distance
07.02.2007 Heroes & Zeros
05.02.2007 Strong Norwegian presence at SXSW
17.01.2007 Island deal for Annie
16.01.2007 Stable December sales
12.01.2007 Prestigious prize awarded to Mathias Eick in New York.
04.01.2007 Rave UK reviews for Adjagas
03.01.2007 Spellemannpris nominations announced
02.01.2007 Midem Buzz Band showcase for Marit Larsen
20.12.2006 Season’s greetings
19.12.2006 New opera director appointed
14.12.2006 November recession
11.12.2006 Grammy nominations for Andsnes and Ensemble 96
01.12.2006 Love will tear us apart
24.11.2006 UK premiere of for composer Jon Mostad
13.11.2006 Trio Mediæval to the US
13.11.2006 October growth
09.11.2006 Solveig Slettahjell to the UK
10.10.2006 Lorraine wins prestigious UK prize
15.09.2006 Turbonegro recording new album
15.09.2006 Weak August sales
12.09.2006 Norwegian Nights at Popkomm
07.09.2006 Anja Garbarek contributes to new Luc Besson Movie
06.09.2006 Serena-Maneesh head out on US and Canada tour
16.08.2006 Stable July sales
04.08.2006 Alog heads out on US tour
02.08.2006 12% reduction in first half of 2006
29.06.2006 Ane Brun returns to the US
28.06.2006 Serena-Maneesh takes on the UK
23.06.2006 Roskilde ’06
19.06.2006 a-ha returns to the UK
19.06.2006 Adjágas confirmed for Womex slot
15.06.2006 Satyricon wins Golden God Award
24.05.2006 Lorraine heads out on UK tour
12.05.2006 Weak April Sales
08.05.2006 The Great Escape
05.05.2006 Free London celebration on Norway's constitutional day
03.05.2006 Ane Brun heads out on US tour
27.04.2006 From Lappland to Hollywood
21.04.2006 Lorraine debuts on UK singles charts
30.03.2006 No. 1 on both sides of the Atlantic!
30.03.2006 Annie starts work on new album
27.03.2006 Low February sales
22.03.2006 Trio Mediæval returns to the US
14.03.2006 Apparently unaffected
08.03.2006 Nystedt to be performed in Oxford
06.03.2006 Kaizers Orchestra to tour Europe
06.03.2006 33 rpm
03.03.2006 Rumble in Rhodos wins Canadian award
27.02.2006 The Jessica Fletchers
23.02.2006 The Fernets: ‘We’re the best!’
22.02.2006 US success for StarGate
21.02.2006 Frost
20.02.2006 From the Appalachians to Oslo
17.02.2006 Waterfall launches joint venture with Sony BMG UK
17.02.2006 Strong January sales
17.02.2006 The Great Escape
16.02.2006 Award winning heroes
15.02.2006 Magnet heads out on US/Canadian tour
15.02.2006 Serena Maneesh sign with Beggars Group
14.02.2006 Strong Norwegian presence at SXSW
14.02.2006 Serena Maneesh lands single of the week in The Guardian
14.02.2006 Vishnu - defending Tromsø’s pride
13.02.2006 by:Larm 2006 - a success
07.02.2006 By:larm 2006
05.02.2006 Sinikka Langeland and Kåre Nordstoga: Påsketona
06.01.2006 SoNorsk- London club night with Norwegian focus
06.01.2006 A new deal
05.01.2006 Major new commission for Norwegian composer
05.01.2006 Nils Økland: Bris
05.01.2006 Eivind Mo: Tidlege innspelingar
05.01.2006 Bente Hemsing: Sole' sprett - salmar, sull og slått
05.01.2006 Niko Valkeapää: Sierra
05.01.2006 Hardanger Fiddle Masters
03.01.2006 Spellemannspris nominees unveiled
16.12.2005 Norwegian acts at Eurosonic
14.12.2005 New Listen to Norway titles posted
14.12.2005 Veronica Akselsen: Fattige var de som først fikk se
14.12.2005 Thorbjørn Egner: Hakkebakkeskogen, Kardemomme by, Doktor Dyregod
14.12.2005 Ove Røsbak: Himmelhaik
14.12.2005 Gerd and Otto Nielsen: Gerd og Otto Kapittel 1
14.12.2005 Leif Ove Andsnes: Mozart: Piano Concertos 9 and 18
14.12.2005 Kristiansand Sympony Orhcestra: Sigurd Lie
14.12.2005 MiNensemblet: Party Music
14.12.2005 Håkon Thelin: A Preference to other things
14.12.2005 Eirik Raude: I Ching
14.12.2005 November recession
13.12.2005 Arditti: Ultima vol.1
13.12.2005 Zanussi Five: Zanussi Five
13.12.2005 Urban Connection: UC 3
13.12.2005 Ultralyd: Ultralyd
13.12.2005 Trondheim Jazzorkester: Chick Corea and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra - Live in Molde
13.12.2005 Tord Gustavsen Trio: The Ground
13.12.2005 Strønen / Storløkken: Humcrush
13.12.2005 Solveig Slettahjell: Pixiedust
13.12.2005 Metropolitan: Love is Blind
12.12.2005 Maria Kannegaard: Quiet Joy
12.12.2005 Crimetime Orchestra: Life is a beautiful monster
12.12.2005 Grammy nomination for Truls Mørk
12.12.2005 Gunilla Süssmann nominated for prestigious award
09.12.2005 We: Smugglers
09.12.2005 Ryfylke: Boknafjord
09.12.2005 Mental Overdrive: 083
09.12.2005 Madcon: Its all Madcon
09.12.2005 Kaada / Patton: Romances
09.12.2005 Enslaved: Isa
09.12.2005 Ane Brun: A Temporary Dive
09.12.2005 Alog: Miniatures
24.11.2005 JR Ewing and Jaga Jazzist to play the All tomorrow’s parties
24.11.2005 Norwegian Voices
16.11.2005 Dimmu Borgir re-releases classic album
14.11.2005 Trio Mediæval returns to the US
14.11.2005 Madrugada heads out on European tour
11.11.2005 The Thing head out on US tour with improv legend
11.11.2005 Left-centre alliance presents new budget - increased public spending on culture
11.11.2005 Increasing domestic sales in October
10.11.2005 Les Boréales - key French festival runs Norwegian focus
08.11.2005 Analogue - a-ha’s latest out now
05.11.2005 Adjagas - bringing joik to the greater stage
18.10.2005 Vajas - singing the forgotten song
14.10.2005 Blå moves to London
12.10.2005 Womex 2005
12.10.2005 Norwegian participants to Womex 2005
11.10.2005 Stable September sales
29.09.2005 iTunes UK runs Norwegian jazz campaign
29.09.2005 Serena Maneesh Opening for Dandy Warhols in Europe
21.09.2005 Nordic Music Awards nominees announced
20.09.2005 August increase in phonogram sales
09.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile: WE
09.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile Kari Kleiv
09.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile: The Jessica Fletchers
09.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile: Tuco’s Lounge
08.09.2005 Popkomm Showcase profile: Delaware
08.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profiles
08.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile Madder Mortem
07.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile Audrey Horne
07.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile: Red Harvest
07.09.2005 Serena Maneesh - redefining noise
06.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile: Enslaved
06.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profile: Dinosau
02.09.2005 A giant turns 90
01.09.2005 Kaizers Orchestra head out on European tour
30.08.2005 a-ha reveal album details
18.08.2005 Robert Post - aiming for the top of the UK charts
16.08.2005 BBC visits remote Norwegian island festival
16.08.2005 Bergen - the new Seattle?
15.08.2005 Weak July sales
09.08.2005 Bonk set their sights on the US
05.08.2005 The Jessica Fletchers head out on tour
02.08.2005 Strong domestic repertoire sales
28.06.2005 National Broadcaster buys Phonofile shares
24.06.2005 The Understanding - first UK reviews in
22.06.2005 Annie profiled by Pitchfork
17.06.2005 Furia to take on Europe
16.06.2005 Vocal ensemble Pust wins prestigious international award
15.06.2005 MIC has moved
14.06.2005 Bergen International Festival to stage Wagner’s ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’
14.06.2005 Stable phonogram sales
14.06.2005 Annie to play UK live dates
10.06.2005 Cikada awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize 2005
09.06.2005 Sámi performers to open Glastonbury
09.06.2005 The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra presents the Five Norwegian Orchestral Romantics
07.06.2005 Schtimm head out on German/Swiss tour
02.06.2005 Kverndokk to compose for new National Opera House
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - fusing improvisation and tradition (part 2)
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - Fusing improvisation and tradition (Part 1)
02.06.2005 Jan Beitohaugen Granli
02.06.2005 A search for identity
31.05.2005 New Listen to Norway presentations posted
31.05.2005 Side Brok: Høge Brelle
31.05.2005 Oslo Chamber Choir: Kyst
31.05.2005 Odd Nordstoga: Luring
31.05.2005 Mohr: mohr
31.05.2005 Henning Kvitnes: Bare vente litt på sjelen
31.05.2005 Kurt Foss og Reidar Bøe: Radiofantomene 1
31.05.2005 Barnas Supershow: Sesong 1
30.05.2005 Stavanger Symphony Orchestra: Geirr Tveitt's orchestral works
30.05.2005 Tor Espen Aspaas: Paul Dukas. Complete Works for piano
30.05.2005 Ning/Puls: Buene/Barrett/Hagen/Aagaard-Nielsen/Apollyon
30.05.2005 Geir Draugsvoll /Aniara Quartet: Contemporary Works for String Quartet and Accordion
30.05.2005 Deathprod: Deathprod
30.05.2005 Affinis Ensemble: Anatomic Notebook
30.05.2005 Veslefrekk: Valse Mysterioso
30.05.2005 The Thing: Garage
30.05.2005 Skomsork: Skomsork
30.05.2005 Karl Seglem: Femstein
30.05.2005 Robert Normann: The definitive collection 3
30.05.2005 Motif: Motif
30.05.2005 Hilde Marie Kjersem: Red Shoes Diary
30.05.2005 Jon Balke and Magnetic North Orchestra: Diverted travels
30.05.2005 Arve Henriksen: Chiaroscuro
30.05.2005 Bayashi: Help Is On Its Way
30.05.2005 Bjørn Alterhaug: A ballad
27.05.2005 Gunnlaug Lien Myhr: Perler på ei snor
27.05.2005 Jon Anders Halvorsen / Tore Bruvoll: Nattsang
27.05.2005 Flukt: Drufiacc
27.05.2005 Frode Fjellheim: Aejlies Gaaltiie - the Sacred Source
27.05.2005 Knut Buen: Seljordsmarsjen
27.05.2005 Jaga Jazzist to tour the UK
26.05.2005 Salvatore: Luxus
26.05.2005 Pleasure: Pleasure
26.05.2005 Minor Majority: Up for you and I
26.05.2005 Fenomenon: Hourglass
26.05.2005 Annie Announces US DJ Tour
26.05.2005 Röyksopp plotting autumn North American tour
24.05.2005 Hanne Hukkelberg lands strong The Wire review
20.05.2005 Amulet head out on tour
18.05.2005 Eivind Aarset trio to tour the UK
13.05.2005 Norwegian Roskilde acts confirmed
10.05.2005 Stable album sales - domestic dominance
09.05.2005 Madrugada head out on European tour
04.05.2005 Strong NME review for Jaga Jazzist
04.05.2005 Helldorado launch European tour
02.05.2005 Annie set for US campaign
22.04.2005 The Mars Volta + Jaga Jazzist
21.04.2005 Bukkene Bruse: Spel
20.04.2005 Röyksopp and Turbonegro set to play major UK festivals
19.04.2005 Madrugada storm Greek charts
18.04.2005 Mortiis heads out on UK tour
14.04.2005 Madrugada announce tour details
13.04.2005 Plummeting domestic sales
12.04.2005 Exporting Blå
11.04.2005 Röyksopp confirm album details
08.04.2005 St. Thomas launches US tour
05.04.2005 Norwegian jazz in Tokyo
01.04.2005 Strong sales of domestic repertoire - low overall sales
01.04.2005 The Norwegian recording industry does not fear iTunes breach
31.03.2005 Jaga Jazzist
15.03.2005 Turbonegro announce new album and tour details
11.03.2005 a-ha to release new studio album
08.03.2005 Strong reviews for ’Anniemal’ in the UK
07.03.2005 Symphony orchestras head out on tour
03.03.2005 Animal Alpha team up with EA games and star producer
03.03.2005 Rave reviews for Tord Gustavsen trio’s latest album
02.03.2005 Annie’s heartbeat
28.02.2005 Winners of Spellemannsprisen unveiled
24.02.2005 Sondre Lerche heads out on European tour
23.02.2005 See Madrugada live!
21.02.2005 by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts
16.02.2005 Declining January sales
16.02.2005 South By Southwest 2005 - March 16 - 20
08.02.2005 Alarm winners
04.02.2005 Nelson Mandela to visit Tromsø benefit concert
04.02.2005 EA to promote unsigned Norwegian act
02.02.2005 Fresh air in London
02.02.2005 Enslaved head out on European tour
01.02.2005 Kings of Convenience launch North American tour
01.02.2005 Röyksopp return with a new album
28.01.2005 by:Larm 2005
21.01.2005 New LTN titles
21.01.2005 Vidar Sandbeck: Jordbærstrå / En fergemanns vise
21.01.2005 Hege Rimestad & Geirr Lystrup: Fly som en stein
21.01.2005 Various Artists: UHU! 3
21.01.2005 Lillebjørn Nilsen: Tilbake / Byen med det store hjertet / Portrett
21.01.2005 Erik Bye: Støv og stjerner
21.01.2005 Elias Akselsen: Høstdrømmar
21.01.2005 Sigurd Slåttebrekk: Robert Schumann - Carnaval - Kreisleriana - Arabeske
21.01.2005 Leif Ove Andsnes: Grieg/Schumann Piano Concertos
21.01.2005 Norwegian Baroque Orchestra: Dowland - Lachrimae
21.01.2005 Per Kristian Skalstad & Tor Espen Aspaas: Johan Halvorsen - a man and his violin
21.01.2005 Oslo String Quartet: Johan Svendsen - String Quartet / Quintet
21.01.2005 Håkon Austbø: Debussy: Complete Works for Piano Solo vol. 1
21.01.2005 Northern Lights vol.1: Aase Nordmo Løvberg
21.01.2005 Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen: Open
21.01.2005 Lars-Erik ter Jung & Thomas Kjekstad: Twitter Machine
21.01.2005 Poing: Giants of Jazz
21.01.2005 John Persen: Over Cross and Crown
21.01.2005 Ragnhild Berstad: Respiro
21.01.2005 Robert Normann: The definitive collection 1938 - 41 vol 1 / 1942 - 54, vol 2
21.01.2005 Footprints: Jazz in Norway vol.5: 1970-1980
21.01.2005 Turning Pages: Jazz in Norway vol.4 1960-1970
21.01.2005 Atomic: Boom Boom
21.01.2005 Håvard Wiik Trio: Postures
21.01.2005 Torun Eriksen: Glittercard
21.01.2005 Jazzmob: Pathfinder
21.01.2005 Helge Lien Trio: Asymmetrics
21.01.2005 Frode Berg: Dig it!
21.01.2005 Roy Powell: Solace
21.01.2005 Jan Gunnar Hoff: In town
21.01.2005 Over Stok og Sten: Til Almuen
21.01.2005 Streif: Nøring
21.01.2005 Susanna and the magical orchestra: List of lights and buoys
21.01.2005 Maiden Voyage: A wide selection of grooves from Norway ’66-’76
21.01.2005 Bjørn Berge: St. Slide
21.01.2005 Morten Abel: being everything. knowing nothing
21.01.2005 When: Pearl-Harvest
21.01.2005 Surferosa: Shanghai My Heart
21.01.2005 Silver: White Diary
21.01.2005 Dimmu Borgir: Death Cult Armageddon
21.01.2005 Jim Stärk: No Time Wasted
21.01.2005 Wholy Martin: Vampïre Songs
21.01.2005 Vidar Busk: Love Buzz
21.01.2005 Hanne Hukkelberg: Little things
21.01.2005 Amulet: Danger! Danger!
18.01.2005 Madrugada release first single from upcoming album - drummer leaves
18.01.2005 Eurosonic success for Norwegian acts
13.01.2005 Nils Økland profiled in the Wire
12.01.2005 A strong year for the Norwegian music industry
07.01.2005 Spellemannspris nominations unveiled
07.01.2005 Midem 2005
06.01.2005 Kings of Convenience top MTV’s 20 best music videos of 2004
06.01.2005 Strong Norwegian roster at Eurosonic
05.01.2005 Norwegian artists unite for tsunami victims
20.12.2004 From all of us to all of you
17.12.2004 Strong sales of domestic repertoire in November
17.12.2004 Kaizers Orchestra sign major deal
10.12.2004 A decade of Jaga Jazzist
09.12.2004 Alarm nominations ready
09.12.2004 International performing rights revenue soars
08.12.2004 Grammy nominations for Andsnes and Garbarek
01.12.2004 Music Export Norway launches London showcases
30.11.2004 Turbonegro to release new album
29.11.2004 ‘Romances’ - Mike Patton vs. Kaada
25.11.2004 Norwegian acts generate strong UK press coverage
23.11.2004 Satyricon launch US tour with Slipknot guest drummer
12.11.2004 Strong October sales of domestic repertoire
10.11.2004 Strong Norwegian contemporary presence at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
05.11.2004 Norwegian invasion at the London Jazz Festival
03.11.2004 The Northwest Passage
22.10.2004 Doble whammy for World Idol winner at Nordic Music Awards
22.10.2004 Norwegian participants to Womex 2004
20.10.2004 Third quarter growth
20.10.2004 Elias Akselsen - the Romany Ambassador
15.10.2004 New Sony BMG director appointed
14.10.2004 Womex Showcase profile: Cissokho System
13.10.2004 A London Inferno
07.10.2004 MTV Europe Awards nominations for Sondre Lerche and Maria Mena
07.10.2004 Ultima 2004
06.10.2004 Surferosa rocks the US
01.10.2004 Norwegian jazz launch Europe 2004-2006
23.09.2004 Sondre Lerche in the US
21.09.2004 Norwegian participants to Popkomm 2004
20.09.2004 Jan Garbarek releases new album
15.09.2004 Surferosa to tour the US
10.09.2004 Tour season
09.09.2004 Norwegian showcases at Popkomm 2004
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Ephemera
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Equicez
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Furia
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Gåte
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Washington
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Datarock
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Thomas Dybdahl
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Minor Majority
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Hello Goodbye
09.09.2004 Popkomm showcase profile: Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies
02.09.2004 Röyksopp to release new single
02.09.2004 Norwegian composer marks anniversary of 9/11 attacks
30.08.2004 In Focus: Annie
26.08.2004 Madrugada to play key UK dates
25.08.2004 The Northwest Passage - Norwegian improvisers to the Bay area
23.08.2004 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at Proms
17.08.2004 Strong July sales
09.08.2004 Andsnes nominated for Gramophone award
06.08.2004 Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
09.07.2004 Summer break
09.07.2004 Strong domestic repertoire sales
09.07.2004 Djuice launches mobile phone music downloads
09.07.2004 MIC conference summary
06.07.2004 Maria Mena tours the US
05.07.2004 Coldplay contribute to a-ha member’s solo album
02.07.2004 US radio success and Tortoise tour for Salvatore
28.06.2004 New Biosphere Album
28.06.2004 New MIC director
23.06.2004 Total rework
21.06.2004 Warm welcome for new Kings of Convenience album
18.06.2004 Norwegian Sónar showcases
16.06.2004 Strong UK reviews
14.06.2004 Atomic tours the US
11.06.2004 Maria Mena climbs the US radio charts
11.06.2004 Declining May sales
02.06.2004 Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band to open Glastonbury
02.06.2004 Norwegian summer festivals
26.05.2004 Music in a Free State
21.05.2004 Nordic Council Music Prize nominations unveiled
12.05.2004 Sugababes contribute to Winta’s debut album
12.05.2004 Maria Mena hits US radio charts
12.05.2004 Jørn Simen Øverli: Pengenes oppmuntrende virkning
12.05.2004 St Thomas: Hey Harmony
12.05.2004 Sølve Sigerland and Lars Andreas Tomter: Bjarne Brustad- Music for Violin
12.05.2004 Arne Nordheim: Dodeka
12.05.2004 Bjørn Ianke: The Contemporary Solo Double Bass vol. 3- Nordheim, Hedstrøm,
Xenikas, Hellstenius
12.05.2004 D’Sound: Doublehearted
12.05.2004 Leif Ove Andsnes: Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata D850, 9 Lieder
12.05.2004 Stable April sales
10.05.2004 Lerche monologues in the US
10.05.2004 A-Ha sign to Universal
10.05.2004 Surferosa go Japan
05.05.2004 MIC director to lead the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
03.05.2004 Norwegian Roskilde acts confirmed
28.04.2004 New York week for Madrugada
28.04.2004 Erlend Øye to tour the US
21.04.2004 Successful UK press launch for World Idol winner
14.04.2004 Stable first quarter album sales
02.04.2004 Center and left unite for joint cultural platform
31.03.2004 Sondre Lerche goes big
31.03.2004 A new Grammy rival - the Nordic Music Awards
29.03.2004 Satyricon pulls out of US tour
26.03.2004 Standing ovations for OPO, Previn and Anne-Sophie Mutter
24.03.2004 Horn call
24.03.2004 Surferosa to tour the UK
24.03.2004 MTV to run Oslo special
22.03.2004 Gaudeamus Prize nominations for young Norwegian composers
17.03.2004 Kaizers Orchestra to headline giant festival
17.03.2004 World Idol winner sees heavy international airplay
17.03.2004 by:Larm praised by the Independent
15.03.2004 Magnet to tour the UK
10.03.2004 South by Southwest
08.03.2004 Artspages hits the Chinese market
03.03.2004 Rave UK reviews for Madrugada’s third album
03.03.2004 Rolf Wallin to be premiered in Cleveland
08.12.2003 Vamp: Månemannen
08.12.2003 Nøkken: Nøkken 1978 – 1984
08.12.2003 Hellbillies: CoolTur
08.12.2003 Diverse artists: Uhu! Vol. 2
08.12.2003 deLillos: Midt i begynnelsen
08.12.2003 Sondre Bratland: Draumkvedet
08.12.2003 Per Vollestad and Sigmund Hjelset: Sinding Songs, vol 2
08.12.2003 Norwegian Baroque Orchestra and Svein Tindberg: Markus-Pasjonen
08.12.2003 Kåre Nordstoga: L.M. Lindeman - Organ works
03.12.2003 Truls Mørk: Grieg Cello Sonata String Quartet
03.12.2003 Håvard Gimse, Gunilla Süssmann, Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Geirr Tveitt, Piano Concerto No. 4
03.12.2003 Grieg Trio: Beethoven - Kaipanen – Trios
03.12.2003 Hjalmar Borgstrøm: Thora paa Rimol
03.12.2003 Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra/Ragnhild Heiland Sørensen: Japanischer Frühling -
Works by Ludvig Irgens-Jensen
03.12.2003 Leif Ove Andsnes: Grieg Lyric Pieces
03.12.2003 Hilde Torgersen/Cikada Duo/SISU: Will you give me to tell you – Works by John Cage
02.12.2003 Maja Ratkje: Voice
02.12.2003 Oslo Strykekvartett: The Silver Cord – Works by Åm, Söderlind, Thoresen
02.12.2003 Ore/Barrett/Holopainen/Vinjar/Winther/Ratkje/Wallin: Sinus Seduction
02.12.2003 Kjell Flem: Ultima Thule
02.12.2003 Ensemble Ernst / Thomas Rimul: Adderley / Sciarrino / Grenager / Husby
02.12.2003 Radka Toneff: Some time ago - A Collection of her Finest Moments
02.12.2003 Supersilent: 6
28.11.2003 Terje Gewelt: Interplay
28.11.2003 Food: Veggie
28.11.2003 Come Shine: Do that voodoo
28.11.2003 Vintermåne: Vintermåne
28.11.2003 Majorstuen: Majorstuen
28.11.2003 Sinikka Langeland: Runoja
27.11.2003 Sigurd Eldegard: Hardingfelespel frå Årdal
27.11.2003 Cissokho System: Kaïra
27.11.2003 Salve Austenå: Slåtter fra Tovdal
27.11.2003 Maria Solheim: Behind Closed Doors
12.11.2003 Domestic market hit by October recession
11.11.2003 The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra to tour Spain
11.11.2003 Satyricon: Volcano
10.11.2003 Moon Orchestra: You'll know when you get there
10.11.2003 Midnight Choir: Waiting for the Bricks to Fall
07.11.2003 Turbo tattoo
30.10.2003 Madrugada: Grit
30.10.2003 Jaga Jazzist: The Stix
30.10.2003 Home Groan: Raccoon
30.10.2003 Gåte: Jygri
30.10.2003 Come Shine
20.10.2003 Gothminister lands major deal
17.10.2003 New LTN titles
17.10.2003 Folk & Røvere: Bagateller
17.10.2003 Furia: ...and then we married the world
17.10.2003 Ephemera: Air
17.10.2003 Thomas Dybdahl: That Great October Sound
17.10.2003 Dadafon: Visitor
16.10.2003 Womex artist profiles
16.10.2003 Tradition vs. innovation - Johan Sara Jr. renews Sami chanting tradition
16.10.2003 Youthful innovation - Majorstuen add spark to a rich tradition
16.10.2003 Soaring soundscapes
16.10.2003 Wunderkammer - Norwegian Balkanesque madness
16.10.2003 Solo Cissokho - global kora master
16.10.2003 Listen to Norway
15.10.2003 Womex 2003
15.10.2003 Nissa og Elisabeth: Casta la vista!
15.10.2003 Lyriaka: Lyriaka boken som synger seg selv
15.10.2003 Øyonn Groven Myhren/Odd Nordstoga: Nivelkinn
15.10.2003 Vågå Spelemannslag: Takk for sist!
15.10.2003 Stein Ove Berg: Det jeg skulle ha gitt
15.10.2003 Tre Vise Menn: i ein tynne tråd
15.10.2003 Jan Eggum: President
15.10.2003 Vertavo String Quartet: Béla Bartók - String Quartets
15.10.2003 Norsk Barokkorkester: The works of Freithoff
15.10.2003 Ketil Haugsand: J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations
15.10.2003 Johan Halvorsen: Fossegrimen/Greeting to Roosevelt
15.10.2003 Harald Sæverud: Complete Piano Works Vol. 1- 5
15.10.2003 Fridthjof Anderssen: Orgelverker
15.10.2003 Manger Musikklag: Graffitti - Verker av Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen, Ketil Hvoslef, Jostein Stalheim, Marcus Paus, Kaare Dyvik Husby, Knut Vaage
15.10.2003 Wolfgang Plagge: Ars Nova - The Legacy
15.10.2003 Arne Nordheim: Listen - The Art of Arne Nordheim
15.10.2003 Oslo Sinfonietta: Eivind Buene - Objects of Desire
15.10.2003 Hilde Torgersen: Voice Stories - voice and electronics
13.10.2003 Eldbjørg Raknes: So much depends upon a red wheel barrow
13.10.2003 Sidsel Endresen/Bugge Wesseltoft: Out here. In there
13.10.2003 Various Performers - Portrait of a Norwegian Jazz Artist Vol. 1 - 7
13.10.2003 Vigleik Storaas Trio: Subsonic
13.10.2003 Young composer receives Arne Nordheim composer’s prize
13.10.2003 Growing sales
19.09.2003 Dingobats Pöck
19.09.2003 St. Thomas dropped by City Slang
18.09.2003 Renowned Norwegian violinist wins prestigious competition
17.09.2003 Upcoming Lene Marlin album leaked onto internet
17.09.2003 Tron Steffen Westberg: Bortover all vei
17.09.2003 Album sales slump - singles and DVDs increase
29.08.2003 Cloroform
27.08.2003 Pleasure is all yours
27.08.2003 Reshuffling in the Norwegian phonogram industry
25.08.2003 Orbina: Orbina II
25.08.2003 Kaisers Orchestra mount European offensive
25.08.2003 Turbonegro wins prestigious Kerrang! award
22.08.2003 Strong Norwegian presence at Popkomm 2003
19.08.2003 Continuing strong domestic sales
12.08.2003 Xploding Plastix
12.08.2003 Way out North
11.08.2003 Popkomm showcase profiles
08.08.2003 Maintaining momentum at Popkomm 2003
07.08.2003 Jazz bands win coveted French prizes
07.08.2003 Strong international focus on Oslo festival
29.07.2003 Per Anders Buen Garnås: Åleine
25.07.2003 De la Terre à la Lune
22.07.2003 Strong UK reviews for Magnet
21.07.2003 Fri flyt: Flyr fritt
21.07.2003 Lene Marlin single release hastened
11.07.2003 Andsnes nominated for Gramophone awards
11.07.2003 Positive sales trends continue
10.07.2003 Rusk
10.07.2003 Lene Marlin set for come-back
08.07.2003 Jazz trio wins prestigious awards
08.07.2003 Röyksopp to release remix-album
07.07.2003 Bjørn Berge: Illustrated Man
07.07.2003 Sondre Lerche to support Elvis Costello
07.07.2003 Kaada teams up with Mike Patton for European tour
02.07.2003 Popium: Permanently High
02.07.2003 Førde Folk Music Festival
02.07.2003 Unni Løvlid
02.07.2003 Nordafjells
02.07.2003 Sigrid Moldestad
02.07.2003 Steinar Ofsdal
02.07.2003 Indre Sunnfjord spelemannslag
02.07.2003 Vågå spelemannslag
02.07.2003 Jan Beitohaugen Granli
02.07.2003 Berg og Vatn
02.07.2003 Flukt
02.07.2003 Trispann
02.07.2003 Fliflet - Hamre Energiforsyning
02.07.2003 Majorstuen
01.07.2003 TONO to reduce on-line fee
20.06.2003 Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies: Loosebox
20.06.2003 Trio Mediæval to play New York dates
20.06.2003 Roskilde Festival concert schedule ready
18.06.2003 Førde Folk Music Festival
18.06.2003 Behind the music
17.06.2003 Wunderkammer: Today I Cannot Hear Music
17.06.2003 St. Thomas picks up rave UK reviews
16.06.2003 Norwegian festival summer
13.06.2003 Sónar Festival - three days of Norway’s finest electronica in Barcelona
12.06.2003 Edison Jazz Award nomination for renowned vocalist
12.06.2003 Maria Mena: Another Phase
12.06.2003 Solid May sales
11.06.2003 Prestigious award to Maja Ratkje
11.06.2003 Norwegian music export doubled since 1998
10.06.2003 Mari Boine awarded the Nordic Music Prize
10.06.2003 Gluecifer: Basement Apes
10.06.2003 Dispute delays new Lene Marlin album
03.06.2003 The Fruit is Still Fresh - Cato Salsa Experience return with new album
30.05.2003 Rolf Wallin in Cleveland
22.05.2003 Rave UK reviews
20.05.2003 Busy European festival summer
20.05.2003 Norwegian triumph at the BBC World Music Awards
20.05.2003 Elias Akselsen: Hjemlandsklokker
19.05.2003 Midnight Sun: new Norwegian sounds to the UK audience
19.05.2003 Annbjørg Lien: Aliens Alive
17.05.2003 Mari Boine: Eight Seasons
16.05.2003 St. Petersburg premiere for Norwegian composer
16.05.2003 Mari Boine and Solo Cissokho nominated to the Nordic Council’s Music Prize 2003
15.05.2003 Röyksopp to play new live dates
15.05.2003 Midnight Choir receive German praise
14.05.2003 Twelve Norwegian acts confirmed to Roskilde Festival
14.05.2003 A stabilised market
14.05.2003 Poing to tour Japan
09.05.2003 Synnøve S. Bjørset: Ram
29.04.2003 Geir Inge Lotsberg & Håvard Gimse: Carl Nielsen - Sonatas for violin and piano, opus 9 and 35
29.04.2003 Norwegian campaign in Texas
29.04.2003 CNN profiles Sondre Lerche
28.04.2003 Stable sales in first quarter
25.04.2003 Denim Demons
25.04.2003 Unique Oslo festival
25.04.2003 Jaga Jazzist
20.04.2003 Sør-Fron Spelemannslag: Milstein
16.04.2003 Norwegian offensive at the Folk Alliance Conference
11.04.2003 Easter Break
11.04.2003 Geirr Tveitt: A Hundred Hardanger Tunes
11.04.2003 Composers flee the country
11.04.2003 Inferno success
09.04.2003 Turbonegro and Cato Salsa Experience to Roskilde
09.04.2003 Massive European Jaga Jazzist tour
09.04.2003 Warner not to release A-ha live album in UK
07.04.2003 Håvard & Øyvind Gimse: T. Tellefsen - F.Chopin
04.04.2003 BBC One World runs Norwegian focus
04.04.2003 Wicked reviews for hardcore ambassadors
04.04.2003 First Norwegian Roskilde acts confirmed
01.04.2003 Antonio Bibalo: Concerto da camera 2 - Concerto allegorico
28.03.2003 Music in a different light
28.03.2003 Terje B Lerstad & Tore Dingstad: Lyrical Punk Clarinet - Norwegian clarinet music
27.03.2003 Continuing negative trend for record sales
27.03.2003 Inferno Festival April 17-19
11.03.2003 Rolf Gupta: Chiaroscuro
11.03.2003 Strong Norwegian profile at the Sonar festival
07.03.2003 Trond Sæverud & Einar Røttingen: Hika
07.03.2003 Explosive web-development for MIC
07.03.2003 Warm Spanish reception for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
05.03.2003 Hot Club de Norvège: Angelo is back in town
05.03.2003 Fusing tradition and avant-garde
04.03.2003 Sondre Lerche won Baltimore hearts
04.03.2003 Northern Europe Jazz Quartet
03.03.2003 Norwegian finalist for the Eurovision Song Contest selected
03.03.2003 Title of new a-ha album unveiled
03.03.2003 Röyksopp to tour the US
27.02.2003 New tasks for MIC
26.02.2003 John Pål Inderberg: Baritone Landscape
26.02.2003 Winners of Spellemannsprisen announced
21.02.2003 Prestigious BBC slot for young Norwegian DJ
20.02.2003 Terje Gewelt: Duality
19.02.2003 London focus for Jazzland
19.02.2003 Weak January sales
18.02.2003 South By Southwest - March 12 - 16
18.02.2003 Cucumber Slumber: New Cumber
17.02.2003 Strong public turnout for by:Larm in Trondheim
12.02.2003 Norwegian mini-festival in London
10.02.2003 Knut Riisnæs: Touching
10.02.2003 Norwegian black-metalers to conquer Europe
06.02.2003 Seven Norwegian acts to SXSW
04.02.2003 1300 Oslo: Live In the North
03.02.2003 International media-impact for Norwegian music
03.02.2003 Turbonegro join Queens of The Stone Age for US tour
28.01.2003 Norway Now in Cannes - a Midem 2003 round-up
28.01.2003 Meet Arne Nordheim in Berlin
27.01.2003 Solveig Slettahjell: Slow Motion Orchestra
27.01.2003 by:Larm 2003
24.01.2003 Röyksopp goes America
16.01.2003 Norway Now at Midem 2003
16.01.2003 Sondre Lerche to tour the US
16.01.2003 New Norwegian acts added to SXSW roster
14.01.2003 BBC One World to broadcast from renowned Oslo club
14.01.2003 Brit Awards nomination for Röyksopp
13.01.2003 2002 - a good year for the Norwegian record industry
09.01.2003 We and El Caco hit European roads
08.01.2003 Grammy nomination for Leif Ove Andsnes
07.01.2003 Norwegian guitarist wins prestigious international prize
06.01.2003 A fresh start
06.01.2003 BBC listeners vote Jaga Jazzist’s A Livingroom Hush jazz album of the year 2002
20.12.2002 From all of us to all of you
20.12.2002 Bukkene Bruse and Richard Wolff/Kari Bremnes
20.12.2002 More praise for Norwegian artists
20.12.2002 A-ha’s studio album postponed
19.12.2002 Sondre Lerche and Madrugada team up for Texan showcases
18.12.2002 Knut Reiersrud: Sweet showers of rain
17.12.2002 Andsnes returns to Grieg in Berlin
16.12.2002 Röyksopp UK tour
13.12.2002 Midem 2003
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
13.12.2002 Krøyt: One heart is too small
12.12.2002 Strong market trends
11.12.2002 Turbonegro to return with new album
11.12.2002 Norwegian Gospel Voices: Let’s dance
10.12.2002 Röyksopp controversy
10.12.2002 BBC nominates Jaga Jazzist album jazz release of the year
10.12.2002 Norwegian muscles flexed at Womex 2002
09.12.2002 Subgud: Expander
09.12.2002 A-ha to return with new album
05.12.2002 Norwegian Christmas concert in London
05.12.2002 Sondre Lerche: Faces down
04.12.2002 Norwegian sounds in US capital
03.12.2002 Italian success for Xploding Plastix
03.12.2002 Brent: Here and there
02.12.2002 King Midas tour Germany
29.11.2002 Norwegian free-jazz crossing borders
28.11.2002 BBC votes Jaga Jazzist’s The Livingroom Hush album of the week
28.11.2002 D’Sound: Talkin’ Talk
27.11.2002 - Norway’s biggest jazz export initiative ever
27.11.2002 Lene Marlin comeback?
26.11.2002 Future Danish emperors?
26.11.2002 Sister Sonny: The Bandit Lab
25.11.2002 Balloons and misty avenues
25.11.2002 Royal-photogenic opening note
25.11.2002 Asian focus for Norwegian jazz ambassadors
22.11.2002 Nordic unity in Berlin
21.11.2002 Listen to Norway!
20.11.2002 Listen to Norway - The International Purchasing Programme for new Phonograms
19.11.2002 Xploding Plastix’ Italian job
08.11.2002 Rave reception for creaky popsters
08.11.2002 Rec90 launches international offensive
04.11.2002 Norway’s music export is increasing
04.11.2002 Strong Norwegian presence at London Jazz Festival
01.11.2002 Cellist Truls Mørk and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra team up for German tour.
01.11.2002 Cato Salsa Experience kicking off US/Canadian tour
30.10.2002 Magma 2002
22.10.2002 Dramatic market improvement
18.10.2002 Muzik votes Röyksopp album of the year
15.10.2002 Norwegian electronica - a primer
10.10.2002 Jaga Jazzist goes global.
10.10.2002 Satyricon - black metal hitting the charts.
09.10.2002 Slight increase in Norwegian sales
09.10.2002 Close Erase - reinventing fusion
09.10.2002 Ugress - newcomer of the year?
05.09.2002 From all of us to all of you
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