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07.05.2010 Skáidi
05.04.2010 Valkyrien Allstars: All the Young Dudes
05.04.2010 Unni Boksasp: Stepping it Up, and Overseas.
05.04.2010 The Norwegian folk music scene
05.04.2010 Skáidi
19.03.2010 Ensemble Denada
15.03.2010 Frøy Aagre: melodic traveller
01.12.2009 Eurosonic Noorderslag 2010: Looking to Norway
20.11.2009 The whole, the veil and the holes
11.11.2009 Sino-Norwegian Music Week success
04.11.2009 Oslo World Music Festival
27.10.2009 Unni Løvlid: rooted explorations
26.10.2009 The Great Nordic Night/Band
26.10.2009 Johan Sara Jr. Orvoš: the mountain of outlook
23.10.2009 Ståle Storløkken and Supersilent: The play of becoming
19.10.2009 Sivert Høyem: into the great wide own
08.10.2009 Håkon Kornstad: Dwell Time
17.09.2009 Paul Curran: making magic
12.09.2009 Solveig Slettahjell: visitations
13.08.2009 Eivind Gullberg Jensen: chains of communication
01.07.2009 Stian Carstensen: A humorous musical wizard
01.07.2009 Gjermund Larsen: A fiddler poetic and intense
29.05.2009 Jaga Jazzist: one-armed bandit
26.05.2009 Leif Ove Andsnes: Moments of freedom (part 2)
26.05.2009 Leif Ove Andsnes: Moments of freedom
08.05.2009 Karin Park: no darkness for the detached
04.05.2009 Nils Petter Molvær: Hamada, living deserts, clarity and precision
28.04.2009 Vilde Frang: The singing of a free violin
20.04.2009 Kristin Asbjørnsen: Trickles of light in every darkness
17.04.2009 Tine Thing Helseth - one with her instrument
03.04.2009 Bendik Hofseth: some favourable moments in time
26.03.2009 Nils Økland: Monograph
16.03.2009 Kaada: Polish romances and a Weltmeister Basset
12.03.2009 Mungolian Jet Set: journeys and stories and mastered confusion
09.03.2009 Lindstrøm: Alone down the open road
05.03.2009 Strømland Records
27.02.2009 Montée: Rethinking the pop in ’pop’
20.02.2009 Datarock: Red
12.02.2009 Jon Øivind Ness: Low Jive and the quest for new beauty
06.02.2009 Casiokids: instant karma
03.02.2009 Trondheimsolistene: An exceptional chamber orchestra
02.02.2009 Kari Bremnes: on straightforwardness and shelter
26.01.2009 I was a king
22.01.2009 Bellman: Mainly Mute
05.01.2009 Lindberg Lyd: A new paradigm of fidelity
11.12.2008 Tommy Tokyo: Keen observer, incongruous poet
08.12.2008 Emil Bernhardt: Contemporary communication (part two)
08.12.2008 Emil Bernhardt: Contemporary communication
04.12.2008 Øyvind Torvund: Multiple vantage points (part two)
04.12.2008 Øyvind Torvund: multiple vantage points
06.11.2008 Jan Bang - punktual motion
06.11.2008 Ketil Bjørnstad - a Norwegian cultural prodigy at Kings Place
05.11.2008 Arve Henriksen - king of the place
27.10.2008 Majorstuen
27.10.2008 Unni Løvlid
27.10.2008 Songs across Walls of Separation
10.10.2008 Darkthrone and Satyricon
10.10.2008 Alarm! No more Alarm
09.10.2008 Norwegian violin wonder Vilde Frang tours the US with classical megastar Anne Sophie Mutter.
06.10.2008 Susanna: Flower of Evil
03.10.2008 Enslaved: Vertebrae
18.09.2008 Camilla Granlien Band
27.06.2008 Gabriel Fliflet: a kaleidoscope of folk music
27.06.2008 Ragnhild Furebotten and modern tradition
12.06.2008 Truls Heggero and his bands profiled by Pitchfork
10.06.2008 Quart: an epitaph
05.06.2008 Festival summer coming up
05.06.2008 Renewed agreement between the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Andrew Litton.
03.06.2008 Keep of Kalessin: Kolossus
29.05.2008 Music on Blu-ray
28.05.2008 Elephant9
23.05.2008 Nattjazz in Bergen
22.05.2008 The Bergen International Festival
20.05.2008 New single from Annie
16.05.2008 New album from Mental Overdrive
15.05.2008 Lars Horntveth: Upcoming new album and a special appearance at the Øya festival
13.05.2008 Eldbjørg Hemsing: Young Musician
13.05.2008 Elisabeth Dingstad and the Berliner Philharmoniker
08.05.2008 Smalltown Superjazzz profiled in All About Jazz
08.05.2008 Lionheart Brothers tour Britain
06.05.2008 Maja S. K. Ratkje: River Mouth Echoes
06.05.2008 Mathias Eick: The Door
02.05.2008 Bergenfest 2008
30.04.2008 Scorch Trio: Brolt!
28.04.2008 by:Larm in Oslo
24.04.2008 Mari Boine: It ain’t necessarily evil
22.04.2008 Diskjokke in London
22.04.2008 Madrugada live
15.04.2008 Ida Maria: "Fortress around my heart"
15.04.2008 Eivind Gullberg Jensen
10.04.2008 One of the world’s most important violin competitions is coming to Oslo.
10.04.2008 Stargate pick up five coveted Pop Music Awards
08.04.2008 Grand opening of the New Opera House in Oslo
03.04.2008 Grand Island: Boys and Brutes
03.04.2008 Ane Brun: European tour
01.04.2008 Motorpsycho: Little Lucid Moments
01.04.2008 Juliet’s Wishes: Ingrid Olava and the new maturity.
04.03.2008 Turbo replacements
28.02.2008 Ten blue years
28.02.2008 Borealis: Patton & Carstensen
26.02.2008 by:Larm 2008: A look at some afterthoughts
21.02.2008 Sahg on tour with Trouble
21.02.2008 Matias Tellez
18.02.2008 Two new records and a grand tour for Leif Ove Andsnes
18.02.2008 iTunes makes significant concessions in Norway.
15.02.2008 Ungdomskulen’s tour frenzy
15.02.2008 Myspace ”Maskineri”
15.02.2008 by:Larm in Oslo: February 21st-23rd.
14.02.2008 The resurrection of Tellé
07.02.2008 Low Jive: Jon Øivind Ness’ symphonic postpunk
06.02.2008 Madcon
06.02.2008 Pirate Love
31.01.2008 Smalltown keeping the pace: label nights and The Thing
30.01.2008 The Geirr Tveitt centennial
30.01.2008 Real Ones sign a three-record deal with Warner, and are getting a lot of buzz in Britain.
22.01.2008 Datarock: Music for games
18.01.2008 Madrugada: Madrugada
18.01.2008 Animal Alpha
16.01.2008 Ingrid Olava
16.01.2008 We: “Tension and release”
10.01.2008 Norway at Eurosonic
09.01.2008 The Lionheart Brothers: British release of Dizzy Kiss next week
09.01.2008 All Ears
04.01.2008 Terje Isungset in Harbin, China
03.01.2008 Nominations for the Norwegian Grammy Awards 2007:
20.12.2007 Merry X-mas!
18.12.2007 Kaizers Orchestra: New album, and with that, a new band, in the making.
18.12.2007 New single out from the all-star team of sophisticated Norwegian pop, the group known as The National Bank.
12.12.2007 The Bergen International Festival: 2008 program
12.12.2007 The Quart Festival announces new head of booking
10.12.2007 Secret Garden: Inside I’m singing
10.12.2007 Madrugada: new single out and new album on the way
07.12.2007 Grammys for Stargate?
05.12.2007 Kim Hiorthøy: My Last Day
05.12.2007 Motorpsycho back as a trio
03.12.2007 Trio Mediæval: “Best classical record” in The New York Times
03.12.2007 The Core
03.12.2007 OffOnOff: Clash
29.11.2007 Diskjokke
29.11.2007 Ungdomskulen
27.11.2007 Trio Mediæval tour the US.
27.11.2007 Vertavo String Quartet in Japan
23.11.2007 International reviews of Supersilent 8
19.11.2007 Norwegian violin virtuoso establishes herself in the upper echelons of the world of classical music.

15.11.2007 Waterfall presents Lorraine
15.11.2007 Eivind Opsvik: all over the place.
13.11.2007 The celebrated Norwegian jazz duo Kornstad/Wiik soon embarks (emplanes as it were) on a mini-tour of Japan
13.11.2007 New York Times profiles the respected Norwegian extreme metal band Enslaved.
09.11.2007 Mari Boine
09.11.2007 Joik
09.11.2007 Bruvoll/Halvorsen - reinterpreting medieval ballads
07.11.2007 Huntsville on Tour in Europe
07.11.2007 Cast in Brass
05.11.2007 First issue of a serious canon of Norwegian jazz albums
02.11.2007 Tine Thing Helseth: Classical commitment.
29.10.2007 The fabulous Moving Oos
29.10.2007 The Alarm awards
29.10.2007 Ida Maria: CMJ and Alarm
25.10.2007 Turbonegro loses guitarist
23.10.2007 Gorgoroth disband and the future is uncertain.
23.10.2007 Blind Archery Club and The Margarets at ITC
22.10.2007 DJ 99 – spinning the decks at Womex
22.10.2007 Womex Conference contributors
22.10.2007 Majorstuen
18.10.2007 Black Metal band Enslaved have started downloading sheep
18.10.2007 Natasha Barrett: Trade Winds
17.10.2007 Kristin Asbjørnsen: Wayfaring stranger in Germany
17.10.2007 Sondre Lerche goes to Hollywood
11.10.2007 The Grand
10.10.2007 Susanna Wallumrød: Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos
10.10.2007 Ulver: Shadows of the Sun
05.10.2007 Darkthrone
05.10.2007 Solveig Slettahjell: ’Domestic Songs’.
04.10.2007 ’Oh my God’
04.10.2007 Ungdomskulen
27.09.2007 Alarm nominees
25.09.2007 by:Larm in Oslo
24.08.2007 Rune Lindbæk: N-Disko Mix
24.08.2007 Norwegian baritone wins the Queen Sonja International Music Competition.
15.08.2007 Turbonegro to join Marilyn Manson for a fall tour of Europe.
15.08.2007 Susanna goes solo.
13.08.2007 Oslo Jazz Festival
13.08.2007 The Queen Sonja International Music Competition
13.08.2007 Strange News from Mars
10.08.2007 The Øya Festival rolls on
10.08.2007 International Chamber Music Festival in Stavanger.
09.08.2007 Øya Festival day one (two)
09.08.2007 Kim Hiorthøy: Far in, far out.
03.08.2007 Down on the Farm
02.08.2007 Øya 07
03.07.2007 Wrapping it up for the summer
03.07.2007 Sunkissed in London.
02.07.2007 Hove: Whole lotta singing in the rain
02.07.2007 Norwegian boy soprano sings with Salisbury Cathedral boys’ choir
27.06.2007 Sivert Høyem and the Volunteers in Greece
22.06.2007 British reviews for Sondre Lerche’s Phantom Punch
22.06.2007 Retox climbs to third place in the Swedish album charts
21.06.2007 Thomas Dybdahl unplugged
21.06.2007 Kaada: Natural Born Star
21.06.2007 Seasick Steve: The real deal
14.06.2007 Kwetzinsky, Løvlid and the “mountainous Grieg”
14.06.2007 Norwegian Wood: 15th anniversary
13.06.2007 Lasse Marhaug
13.06.2007 The Devil’s Instrument
08.06.2007 Bjørn Torske pushing wrong-right buttons.
08.06.2007 Takk Festival: The best of Norway in Paris
06.06.2007 Special Norwegian voices in the UK and Tijuana, Mexico
06.06.2007 Turbonegro: Retox
01.06.2007 The Grieg Gala and the Grieg Code in Bergen.
01.06.2007 Majorstuen
31.05.2007 Heroes and Zeros
31.05.2007 Ida Maria in Townhouse Studios
26.05.2007 Gammaltnymalt
25.05.2007 DinoSau attracts international attention
25.05.2007 In the Country soon embark on a tour of North America.
25.05.2007 Norwegian Black Metal on the web
24.05.2007 Skatebård
24.05.2007 Arve Henriksen: Reviews of Strjon
15.05.2007 Trio Mediæval: Musicians in residence at the Bergen International Festival.
15.05.2007 Lindtsrøm's LateNightTales
14.05.2007 The Wallin Festival
14.05.2007 The Great Escape
11.05.2007 Triptikon: Three nights of Magnet at Blå
11.05.2007 ECM: “Horizons touched”: The music in words
11.05.2007 Adjágas to tour Britain
10.05.2007 Kate Havnevik with Air at Madison Square Gardens
10.05.2007 Sunkissed by Oslo
10.05.2007 The Guardian praises Arve Henriksen
04.05.2007 Strong Norwegian presence at Wacken and Roskilde.
04.05.2007 Enslaved: RUUN world tour part II: Evropa
03.05.2007 Superfamiliy’s Warszava.
03.05.2007 Lionheart Brothers go on crusade while Grand Island erupts Eurpeanly.
03.05.2007 Dimmu Borgir: A demonically high entry on the Billboard list
27.04.2007 Transposition 2007-2009
-A joint venture of development between prominent musical institutions in Norway and Vietnam.
26.04.2007 The Low Frequency in Stereo
26.04.2007 Alog –Amateur
20.04.2007 The whitest boy alive goes out on the whitest tour ever
19.04.2007 Jan Garbarek Group in Germany
19.04.2007 Dybdahl in Europe, and in symphony
19.04.2007 The Festival Summer
13.04.2007 Bath basking in Norwegian sonority
12.04.2007 Turbonegro: New album and Metallica
30.03.2007 Easter break
29.03.2007 Håkon Austbø and Claude Debussy
29.03.2007 Magnet’s simple life.
22.03.2007 Lerche+Dydahl= Norwegian pop sophistication on American stages
22.03.2007 The first original silence
21.03.2007 Hove: The festival challenge
21.03.2007 Bigbang move to Los Angeles
16.03.2007 Mayhem: Ordo Ad Chao
16.03.2007 Dimmu Borgir: In Sorte Diaboli
15.03.2007 Norwegian composer Ørjan Matre is headed for St. Petersburg and Prague.
09.03.2007 Three records from the realm of rock.
09.03.2007 New Violators
08.03.2007 Inferno: festivál infernál
02.03.2007 120 Days: back in the states
02.03.2007 Silje Nergaard: Darkness out of blue
01.03.2007 Stargate: the series continue
23.02.2007 Real Ones, splendid ones
23.02.2007 Arve Henriksen’s flowing water
16.02.2007 Mira Craig sings with Timbaland
16.02.2007 Pleasure 2
15.02.2007 Frode Haltli - between tradition and innovation.
09.02.2007 Sondre Lerche: Phantom Punch
08.02.2007 Hanne Hukkelberg: conductress of things
08.02.2007 120 Days: Sign o’ the times
01.02.2007 by:Larm 2007
19.01.2007 Skambankt: Eliksir
19.01.2007 Ane Brun: Live in Scandinavia
18.01.2007 Enslaved have embarked on full-size tour of the US
12.01.2007 Adventura Anatomica
11.01.2007 120 Days stir the Jaguar
05.01.2007 Some anticipated Norwegian releases in 2007
05.01.2007 Kate Havnevik
04.01.2007 Grieg 07
15.12.2006 Salvatore, 'Days of Rage'
15.12.2006 Grand Island going to Texas.
14.12.2006 Norwegian bands at the Noorderslag/Eurosonic Weekend in Holland.
07.12.2006 Turbonegro recording sessions
06.12.2006 Stargate, Norwegian producers extraordinary
06.12.2006 Album of the year
01.12.2006 Fe-mail’s latest sonic enterprise is very favourably reviewed by Pitchfork Media.
01.12.2006 Young Norwegian conductor Halldis Rønning became the first woman to conduct at the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam.
24.11.2006 Beyoncé climbs with a Norwegian push.
24.11.2006 The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra heads off to Germany and Luxembourg
23.11.2006 In The Country.
17.11.2006 Bill Booth: 'Songs of the land'
16.11.2006 The world of Thomas Dybdahl.
10.11.2006 Labelnight RuneGrammofon
10.11.2006 WE: Cosmic biker rock and roll.
09.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra: Maestro Grand Finale
06.11.2006 Marit Larsen pockets the MTV Europe Music Award for best Norwegian act
03.11.2006 A-ha receives a prestigious Q-award.
03.11.2006 Kaleidofon: Rediscover Norwegian music
27.10.2006 Cult cool a la Lindstrøm
23.10.2006 Iceland Airwaves
17.10.2006 Karl Seglem
17.10.2006 Adjagas
09.10.2006 120 Days
05.10.2006 Kristin Asbjørnsen: Wayfaring stranger.
29.09.2006 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra with special focus on Rolf Wallin
28.09.2006 Arne Nordheim awarded price
27.09.2006 Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band.
25.09.2006 Everything set for Folkelarm
22.09.2006 Thomas Dybdahl
22.09.2006 Ultima 2006
18.09.2006 Hanne Hukkelberg
15.09.2006 Lorraine: (When the droid and the angel sat down for a quiche.)
14.09.2006 Datarock
02.03.2006 Serena Maneesh
16.02.2006 Mira Craig
14.02.2006 Elvira Nikolaisen
07.02.2006 Animal Alpha
05.01.2006 Majorstuen: Jorun Jogga
05.01.2006 Knut Reiersrud
05.01.2006 String Sisters
05.01.2006 Unni Løvlid: vanguard folk singer.
03.01.2006 Amulet: When all that is solid melts into air, it turns into a tornado.
16.12.2005 Hurra Torpedo - kitchen appliance bashers go global
15.12.2005 JR Ewing
14.12.2005 Rune Temte / Ole-Henrik Moe: Poesi CD: Herman Wildenvey
14.12.2005 Kolbein Falkeid / Kjetil Bjørnstad: Solskinnsdypet
14.12.2005 Jørn Fossheim and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra: Dobrowen: Piano Concerto and Sonatas
14.12.2005 Henning Kraggerud: Sibelius / Sinding - Violin concertos
14.12.2005 Ernst Simon Glaser and Liv Glaser: Schumann & Schubert
14.12.2005 Trygve Madsen: Sketches of Norway
14.12.2005 Ståle Kleiberg: Requiem for the Victims of Nazi Percecution
14.12.2005 Juniorsolistene: Bertil Palmar Johansen
13.12.2005 Den Norske Opera's soloists and choir/The Norwegian Radio Orchestra: Egil Hovland: Fange og fri
13.12.2005 Trygve Seim: Sangam
13.12.2005 Trinity: Sparkling
13.12.2005 Ophelia Orchestra: Sound and smoke - The Music of the Berlin Cabaret Era
13.12.2005 Madrugada: for real
12.12.2005 Jan Garbarek: In Praise of Dreams
12.12.2005 Frode Gjerstad Trio: St. Louis
12.12.2005 Food: Last Supper
12.12.2005 Dag Arnesen: Time Enough
09.12.2005 When: Whenever
09.12.2005 The Mormones: Dra til hælvete
09.12.2005 Tellusalie: Tangerine Dreams
09.12.2005 Stonegard: Arrows
09.12.2005 Skambankt: Skambankt
09.12.2005 Schtimm: Featuring
09.12.2005 Mortiis: The Grudge
09.12.2005 Insense: Soothing torture
09.12.2005 Ephemera: Monolove
09.12.2005 Drunk: The Company Tie
09.12.2005 Dharma: Dreamland Baby
08.12.2005 Ane Brun
24.06.2005 Truls Mørk: master cellist
23.06.2005 Maja Ratkje and the end of music
21.06.2005 Röyksopp getting ready
21.06.2005 Another Norwegian festival summer is well under way, more extensive than ever.
20.06.2005 Nils Økland and his Hardanger fiddle
17.06.2005 Ninth
16.06.2005 Eivind Opsvik: a quintessential jazz musician.
15.06.2005 Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir in Canada
15.06.2005 A-ha’s latest in the hands of Flood.
13.06.2005 46664 Arctic bathed in unfading light.
13.06.2005 Kings of Convenience
10.06.2005 Röyksopp: Cool, calm and collected.
09.06.2005 Saint-sighting in the Mojave Desert.
09.06.2005 Six bountiful weeks in California
08.06.2005 A very special, centennial "Norsk Høstfest".
07.06.2005 Scandinavian jazz masters Atomic set to play the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.
07.06.2005 6th Annual Nordic Folk Music Festival in the Pines
03.06.2005 Leif Ove Andsnes: the leeway of world-class status
02.06.2005 Renowned Norwegian jazz/electronica duo to tour Canada.
02.06.2005 Release drawing near for Lene Marlin’s third; 'Lost in the moment'
02.06.2005 Susanne Lundeng
01.06.2005 The Jessica Fletchers announce US-tour.
01.06.2005 A-ha will feature at Live 8 in Berlin
01.06.2005 St. Olaf College’s joint musical ensembles on special summer tour of Norway
31.05.2005 The magnetism of Magnet
31.05.2005 Nordic Baroque Quartet: Northern Delights
31.05.2005 Karin Wright: Full house
31.05.2005 Tungtvann: III Folket bak nordavind
31.05.2005 Tord Gustavsen Trio settling in at the pinnacle of international jazz.
31.05.2005 Finn Kalvik: Dagdrivernotater
31.05.2005 Bøyen Beng: Bombe
31.05.2005 Black Debbath: Den femte statsmakt
31.05.2005 Barnevisegruppa Måltrosten: Labbetruten
30.05.2005 Per Vollestad / Sigmund Hjelset: Sinding Songs. Vol 3
30.05.2005 Valkyrien Brass: Lutoslawski/Jan Bach/P. Jansen/O. Berg
30.05.2005 Sturm und Drang: Klezmer! (Famous Jewish Tunes)
30.05.2005 Kjell-Erik Arnesen / Jørgen Larsen: Calls
30.05.2005 Sigmund Groven: Philharmonic Harmonica
30.05.2005 Cikada String Quartet with new ECM release.
30.05.2005 Jacob Young: Evening Falls
30.05.2005 Wibutee: Playmachine
30.05.2005 Knut Værnes - Vertavo: A Night in Cassis
30.05.2005 46664 Arctic: "The Mandela Concert"
30.05.2005 Parish: Rica
30.05.2005 Loud JazzBand: Don't Stop The Train
30.05.2005 Christian Reim and Calle Neumann Quartet: Molde 1976
27.05.2005 Patton and Kaada go live with their 'Romances'
27.05.2005 Two Norwegian acts will feature at New Haven’s renowned Arts & Ideas festival in June.
27.05.2005 Transjoik: Uia Nami
27.05.2005 Hans Haugen: Felespell fra Susendal
27.05.2005 Dvergmål: Song i himmelsalar
27.05.2005 Embrik Bergaplass: Spelemann og slåttesmed
27.05.2005 Norwegian 'Party Animals' finally conquer the Swedish charts.
26.05.2005 Winta: First
26.05.2005 The National Bank: The national bank
26.05.2005 The Indikation: In terms of
26.05.2005 Maria Solheim: Frail
26.05.2005 Samsaya: Shedding Skin
26.05.2005 Safariari: Goa Way
26.05.2005 Jaga Jazzist: Magazine
25.05.2005 Kim Hiorthøy: A glimpse of a true polyartist.
25.05.2005 Euroboys: Soft focus
25.05.2005 Thomas Dybdahl: 'Stray Dogs'
25.05.2005 Dadafon: Harbour
23.05.2005 Sondre Lerche’s not so easy pop music.
20.05.2005 Exitement surrounds A-ha's London recording sessions
21.01.2005 Øyonn Groven Myhren: Akkedoria frå Kristiania
21.01.2005 Kaptein Sabeltann - Syng med og syng selv II
21.01.2005 Spetakkel: Spetakkel
21.01.2005 Olsenbanden jr. på rocker’n
21.01.2005 Ole Ivars: Hverdag og Fest
21.01.2005 Lyriaka: Lyriakafabrikken og jakten på de magiske versene
21.01.2005 Eva Trones: Lille Bille - Barnesanger av Terje Nilsen
21.01.2005 Walstad/Løken: Dance of the elves
21.01.2005 Trio Mediaeval: Soir, dit-elle
21.01.2005 Tone Wik: Dolcissimo sospiro
21.01.2005 Trond Davidsen: Genuine Guitar
21.01.2005 Knut Nystedt: Apocapalypsis Joannis
21.01.2005 Dan Styffe: Revisited
21.01.2005 Tore Brunborg Quartet: Gravity
21.01.2005 Petter Wettre: Tour de Force
21.01.2005 Come Shine - Norwegian Radio Orchestra: In concert
21.01.2005 Stian Carstensen: Backwards into the Backwoods
21.01.2005 Solveig Slettahjell: Silver
21.01.2005 Tiriltunga: Kåte ungdomsdager
21.01.2005 Sondre Lerche: Two Way Monologue
21.01.2005 Sissy Wish: You may breathe...
21.01.2005 Johndoe: Ja takk til trøbbel
21.01.2005 Karin Park: Superworldunknown
21.01.2005 Einherjer: Blot
21.01.2005 The Aller Værste: Materialtretthet
Show details for Mosnes, TerjeMosnes, Terje
Show details for Møllerhaug, Nicholas H.Møllerhaug, Nicholas H.
Show details for Norheim, ØyvindNorheim, Øyvind
Show details for O'Dair, MarcusO'Dair, Marcus
Show details for Oppebøen, AslakOppebøen, Aslak
Show details for Orvedal, IvarOrvedal, Ivar
Show details for Pedersen, JosteinPedersen, Jostein
Show details for Pettersen, Tomas LauvlandPettersen, Tomas Lauvland
Show details for Plesner, RagnhildPlesner, Ragnhild
Show details for Red., -Red., -
Show details for Reitan, LorenzReitan, Lorenz
Show details for Revheim, MartinRevheim, Martin
Show details for Rikter-Svendsen, AnneRikter-Svendsen, Anne
Show details for Rossiné, HansRossiné, Hans
Show details for Rütter, FredrikRütter, Fredrik
Show details for Sandmo, ErlingSandmo, Erling
Show details for Siqveland, TomasSiqveland, Tomas
Show details for Skancke-Knutsen, ArvidSkancke-Knutsen, Arvid
Show details for Skyllstad, KjellSkyllstad, Kjell
Show details for Slettholm, YngveSlettholm, Yngve
Show details for Steen, KnutSteen, Knut
Show details for Storaas, ReidarStoraas, Reidar
Show details for Sørbye, YngvilSørbye, Yngvil
Show details for Taksdal, NoraTaksdal, Nora
Show details for Talkington, FionaTalkington, Fiona
Show details for Tucker, MichaelTucker, Michael
Show details for Viig, KjellViig, Kjell
Show details for Voldstad, HalvorVoldstad, Halvor
Show details for Vollsnes, ArvidVollsnes, Arvid
Show details for Walderhaug, MortenWalderhaug, Morten
Show details for Werner, Jean-JacquesWerner, Jean-Jacques
Show details for Østenstad, IngerØstenstad, Inger

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