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05.10.2004 Niko Valkeapää: Niko Valkeapää
03.10.2004 Hallvard T. Bjørgum & Co: Free Field
02.10.2004 Utla: Song
01.10.2004 Moments Notice: Moments Notice
01.10.2004 Mari Eggen and Helen Høie: Glød
01.10.2004 Johan Sara jr. & group: Boska
01.10.2004 Geir Lysne: Korall
01.10.2004 Tord Gustavsen Trio: Changing Places
30.09.2004 Blå is coming to a place near you
26.09.2004 Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: Sofienberg Variations
02.04.2004 More women in charge in music organizations
30.03.2004 In search of slow jazz
29.03.2004 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra/Mariss Jansons: Gustav Mahler; Symphonies no. 1 & 9
25.03.2004 Noxagt: Turning It Down Since 2001
25.03.2004 Unni Wilhelmsen: Hurricane’s Eye
25.03.2004 The Mormones: Guide to Good and Evil
25.03.2004 Prepare for Inferno
22.03.2004 Solveig Kringlebotn: To a Friend
22.03.2004 Ole Paus & Jonas Fjeld: Tolv rustne strenger
22.03.2004 Friko: Burglar Ballads
18.03.2004 Two Norwegians in international Young Violinists competition
18.03.2004 Bayou Blue: Marsjen til New Orleans
18.03.2004 Blister: Brand New Antiques
18.03.2004 Support concert for Spanish terror victims
18.03.2004 Siri Torjesen: Fartein Valen – Complete Songs
18.03.2004 Frode Haltli: Looking on Darkness
18.03.2004 The Norwegian Soloist Choir: Nocturnus
16.03.2004 Röyksopp behind the wheels in Bergen
16.03.2004 Kleiberg’s Requiem performed in Washington on 11 September
09.03.2004 El Caco: Solid Rest
24.02.2004 Beady Belle: CEWBEAGAPPIC
24.02.2004 Sondre Lerche’s dialogue
23.02.2004 Leiv Ove Andsnes honoured with Carnegie Hall Perspectives series
19.02.2004 Still Supersound after ten years
19.02.2004 Xploding Plastix working with the Kronos Quartet
19.02.2004 Motorpsycho: The Tussler
17.02.2004 Silver for gold – Alarm winner 2004
16.02.2004 Trio Medieval received as queens in USA
12.02.2004 The lasting impact of the Bergen wave
05.02.2004 Honourable mention of two Norwegian artist
05.02.2004 Jaga Jazzist featured in The Observer
03.02.2004 Heading for Texas
30.01.2004 Anders Clemmens Øien: Romanza
28.01.2004 Who’s who at by:Larm
28.01.2004 World Idol Kurt’s most important concert
27.01.2004 Jester: Beautiful Decay
27.01.2004 Bringing the medieval to the States
26.01.2004 Japanese ambassador of Norwegian music
26.01.2004 New international record for by:Larm
23.01.2004 Making music of Jon Fosse’s words
21.01.2004 Ole Staveteig: Plays Jimi Hendrix
21.01.2004 Lofoten on the verge of a chamber festival
19.01.2004 In the footsteps of Bob Geldof
16.01.2004 Paal Nilssen-Love profiled in The Wire
15.01.2004 Arctic Frost at the Beachclub
14.01.2004 Tough year for Norwegian music industry
12.01.2004 St. Thomas in charge again
08.01.2004 Grammy time
07.01.2004 Gateway to European gigs
06.01.2004 DVD Jon’s victory will be standing
06.01.2004 World interest for the lord of songs
05.01.2004 Grieg Trio to lead the International Chamber Music Festival
18.12.2003 Norwegian artists abroad still going strong
17.12.2003 Velvet voice at Satin Doll
17.12.2003 Terje Rypdal premier in Linz
16.12.2003 Jazzy history 2
11.12.2003 The phonogram market continues to drop
11.12.2003 Hard-hitting Norwegians on tour
10.12.2003 The Nobel Peace Prize Concert gathers stars
09.12.2003 Jazzy history
05.12.2003 Instruments to Afghan musicians
05.12.2003 Immense interest for free Norwegian music
04.12.2003 Treats from Norway in Washington
04.12.2003 And the nominees are…
03.12.2003 Molde Jazz on BBC this Christmas
02.12.2003 Leif Ove Andsnes signs seven years with EMI
01.12.2003 DVD Jon provokes the music industry
01.12.2003 Ready for next year’s by:Larm
28.11.2003 Europas Blues Senter awarded American prize
27.11.2003 Music according to Rune Grammofon
26.11.2003 Best Buddy Nils Petter Molvær
24.11.2003 Röyksopp’s Eple on Apple
24.11.2003 Recent award winners
21.11.2003 Norwegian jazz 50 years
20.11.2003 Critical praise for the Norwegian "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk"
19.11.2003 Sergeant Petter: It’s a record
19.11.2003 Free Norwegian music
13.11.2003 Sound of money
Show details for Kolberg, KåreKolberg, Kåre
Show details for Kolberg, ÅsneKolberg, Åsne
Show details for Kvalbein, AstridKvalbein, Astrid
Show details for Levin, MonaLevin, Mona
Show details for Lindvig, Kyrre TrommLindvig, Kyrre Tromm
Show details for Lysvåg, ChristianLysvåg, Christian
Show details for Mosnes, TerjeMosnes, Terje
Show details for Møllerhaug, Nicholas H.Møllerhaug, Nicholas H.
Show details for Norheim, ØyvindNorheim, Øyvind
Show details for O'Dair, MarcusO'Dair, Marcus
Show details for Oppebøen, AslakOppebøen, Aslak
Show details for Orvedal, IvarOrvedal, Ivar
Show details for Pedersen, JosteinPedersen, Jostein
Show details for Pettersen, Tomas LauvlandPettersen, Tomas Lauvland
Show details for Plesner, RagnhildPlesner, Ragnhild
Show details for Red., -Red., -
Show details for Reitan, LorenzReitan, Lorenz
Show details for Revheim, MartinRevheim, Martin
Show details for Rikter-Svendsen, AnneRikter-Svendsen, Anne
Show details for Rossiné, HansRossiné, Hans
Show details for Rütter, FredrikRütter, Fredrik
Show details for Sandmo, ErlingSandmo, Erling
Show details for Siqveland, TomasSiqveland, Tomas
Show details for Skancke-Knutsen, ArvidSkancke-Knutsen, Arvid
Show details for Skyllstad, KjellSkyllstad, Kjell
Show details for Slettholm, YngveSlettholm, Yngve
Show details for Steen, KnutSteen, Knut
Show details for Storaas, ReidarStoraas, Reidar
Show details for Sørbye, YngvilSørbye, Yngvil
Show details for Taksdal, NoraTaksdal, Nora
Show details for Talkington, FionaTalkington, Fiona
Show details for Tucker, MichaelTucker, Michael
Show details for Viig, KjellViig, Kjell
Show details for Voldstad, HalvorVoldstad, Halvor
Show details for Vollsnes, ArvidVollsnes, Arvid
Show details for Walderhaug, MortenWalderhaug, Morten
Show details for Werner, Jean-JacquesWerner, Jean-Jacques
Show details for Østenstad, IngerØstenstad, Inger

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