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04.09.2012 From the Vault: A Man of Visions
28.11.2011 London live action for Sivert Høyem
28.11.2011 Insense UK tour
06.09.2011 Flunk China tour
24.03.2011 Strong Norwegian presence at Cheltenham Jazz Festival
21.03.2011 Lars Petter Hagen - Biography
06.01.2011 Nordic Music Prize Nominations announced
03.12.2010 99 Minutes #8
01.12.2010 Donkeyboy wins European Border Breaker Award
06.10.2010 Extensive UK tour with prestigious orchestra for conductor Terje Mikkelsen
06.10.2010 UK focus for Ingrid Olava in October
06.10.2010 Filter Magazine to feature Norwegian acts at new LA Festival
29.09.2010 Jon Christensen
29.09.2010 Arild Andersen
25.05.2010 Terje Bjørklund - Biography
24.05.2010 Sigbjørn Apeland - Biography
17.05.2010 99 Minutes #1
07.05.2010 US performances for Henning Kraggerud
07.05.2010 a-ha bids goodbye with its North American live audience
04.05.2010 New Ultima festival artistic director appointed
06.04.2010 London performances for Andsnes in April
26.03.2010 Serena-Maneesh heads out on US tour
26.03.2010 Easter break
26.03.2010 Ja Ja Ja + Vreid
11.02.2010 Pirate Bay ban rejected
09.02.2010 Content aggravators announce merger
05.02.2010 Sondre Lerche heads out on US tour
04.02.2010 One Armed Bandit
27.01.2010 On the domestic market – local repertoire outperforms international
20.01.2010 Øya Festival London club night
19.01.2010 UK premiere for Biosphere work
14.01.2010 First JA JA JA 2010 edition
14.01.2010 Exploring the Franco-Norwegian timbre
09.12.2009 JA JA JA – Christmas edition
08.12.2009 Grammy nomination for Norwegian label
26.11.2009 Pictures Reframed in London
24.11.2009 US album release for Bigbang in January
20.11.2009 Datarock heads out on UK tour
03.11.2009 JA JA JA!!
23.10.2009 Biosphere to make Chinese people sleep
21.10.2009 Benea Reach to headline major Indian festival
16.10.2009 Tord Gustavsen Ensemble heads out on UK tour
16.06.2009 Ultima 2009
24.04.2009 New a-ha single
24.04.2009 Robert Post to tour the UK
20.04.2009 Susanna heads out on European tour
09.03.2009 Øya Festival with NYC and SXSW showcases
09.03.2009 Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation sets up its own bittorrent tracker
05.03.2009 Major Norwegian ISP rejects Pirate Bay Ban
02.03.2009 Coucherons win prestigious Italian competition
26.02.2009 Helge Lien Trio heads out on European tour
25.02.2009 New MIC Norway director appointed
24.02.2009 Madcon to release new single in the UK
13.02.2009 Django Symphonique
10.02.2009 Vertavo Quartet at London’s Wigmore Hall
26.01.2009 Norwegian conductor at National English Opera
26.01.2009 Spellemannspris winners announced
23.01.2009 Nokia signs Norwegian licensing deal for Comes With Music
22.01.2009 Pirate Love heads out on European tour
22.01.2009 Happy Days goes Nordic – Nordic Music Days goes Happy!
15.01.2009 Bergen International Festival launches 2009 programme
15.01.2009 15 Norwegian acts confirmed for SXSW
15.01.2009 New director for the Ultima Festival appointed
02.12.2008 XFM UK runs Norwegian focus
01.12.2008 Tellé and Smalltown Supersound join forces for London showcase
04.11.2008 Norway meets Scotland
17.10.2008 Scene Norway
02.10.2008 Ultima 2008
23.09.2008 NOTCH - Sino-Nordic cultural unity
04.08.2008 Oslo Philharmonic at BBC Proms
20.06.2008 Norwegian telco launches unlimited free music trial service
18.06.2008 Soaring ticket sales for Oslo’s new national opera
13.06.2008 Touring action for Karl Seglem
13.06.2008 MoHa! heading out on UK tour
22.05.2008 Gulberg Jensen to Royal Festival Hall
20.05.2008 Great Pitchfork review for Silje Nes’ Ames Room.
30.04.2008 Music Export Norway’s London office opened
18.04.2008 Chinese tour for Secret Garden
18.04.2008 Rolling Stone names Stargate Best Hitmakers
16.04.2008 Datarock returns to North America
04.04.2008 Festivals 2008
26.03.2008 European tour for the National Bank
25.03.2008 Strong US reviews for Hanne Hukkelberg
25.03.2008 Sissel returns to the US for spring tour
28.02.2008 Turbonegro to tour Europe
18.02.2008 The Øya Festival with NYC showcase
15.02.2008 Emil Bernhardt - List of works
14.02.2008 18 Norwegian acts confirmed for SXSW
12.02.2008 Japan focus for Terje Isungset
12.02.2008 UK campaign for Real Ones
21.01.2008 Nils Økland to tour the UK
15.01.2008 US spring tour for Sissel
15.01.2008 Andsnes to perform Brahms in NYC
15.01.2008 Ungdomskulen head out on US tour
03.12.2007 Bigbang tours Germany and Austria in December
30.11.2007 UK premiere for Norwegian composer
26.11.2007 Grand London Finale of Grieg year
08.11.2007 by:Larm 2008 acts announced
05.11.2007 Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra tours the US
05.11.2007 Strong Norwegian line-up at London Jazz Festival
31.10.2007 Frode Haltli Quartet on U.S Tour
12.10.2007 Stargate receives Ascap Songwriter of The Year Honors
11.10.2007 Trio Mediæval to the UK
03.10.2007 Enslaved and Shining team up for European tour
28.09.2007 CMJ Marathon With Norwegian Bands
06.09.2007 New Supersilent album
05.09.2007 US tour for Sinikka Langeland
05.09.2007 First Punkt 07 reviews in
05.09.2007 Ballad for Edvard Grieg
30.08.2007 Punkt kicks off
21.08.2007 Tord Gustavsen Trio heading out on UK tour
06.08.2007 Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra at BBC Proms
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 2
30.05.2007 Hanne Hukkelberg returns to the UK
23.05.2007 Strong Norwegian presence at the Bath Festival
16.05.2007 Kaada to tour Holland with 40-man orchestra
25.04.2007 SOLID! at the 2007 Big Band Jam/ International Jazz Jam
23.04.2007 Marion Raven European tour
20.04.2007 Thomas Dybdahl live webcast
13.04.2007 Young Norwegian violinist to London
12.04.2007 New director for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra appointed
12.04.2007 Sidsel Endresen and Silje Nergaard to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival
29.03.2007 Extensive European tour and new album for Mortiis
27.03.2007 London performance for Norwegian composer
16.03.2007 Harmonica wins prestigious Canadian live award
14.03.2007 Norwegian composer to the ISCM Hong Kong World Music Days 2007
12.03.2007 UK tour for renowned jazz pianist
12.03.2007 Turbonegro release single as exclusive mobile-download
09.03.2007 Serena Maneesh nominated for Shortlist Music Prize
02.03.2007 Strong focus on Norwegian music in Prague
26.02.2007 European dates for Mari Boine
23.02.2007 Renowned DJ/Producer joins 120 Days for London gig
16.02.2007 US Premiere for saxophonist Trygve Seim
31.01.2007 Spellemannspris winners announced
30.01.2007 Kate Havnevik signs to Universal in the US
07.12.2006 London action for Oslo DJs
01.12.2006 Renowned tubaist with NYC recital
01.12.2006 Norwegian Christmas concerts in London
29.11.2006 Tord Gustavsen Trio in Washington DC
29.11.2006 The Bergen International Festival launches 2007 programme
27.11.2006 Datarock head out on Australian tour
27.11.2006 Strong UK reviews for Solveig Slettahjell
24.11.2006 Nordic music seminar in New York
15.11.2006 Maja Ratkje and POING head out on tour in the U.S.
15.11.2006 The Real Ones return to NYC
07.11.2006 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
10.10.2006 Vek in the UK
10.10.2006 In The City
14.09.2006 Spindel to tour Ireland
08.09.2006 Enslaved, Zyklon, 1349 and Keep of Kalessin head out UK on tour
07.09.2006 Leif Ove Andsnes Live in exlusive release concert
07.09.2006 Ingrid Bjoner dies at 78
06.09.2006 The Core to tour the US
24.08.2006 Young soloists of Norway take on London
24.08.2006 Composer awarded prestigious German prize
16.08.2006 NYC and London showcases for Elvira Nikolaisen, Real Ones and Jim Stärk
15.08.2006 Leif Ove Andsnes in Japan
15.08.2006 Vertavo Quartet to Dorset
30.06.2006 Norwegian Jazz Night in Copenhagen
15.06.2006 Another extensive Norwegian festival summer is under way
06.06.2006 Natasha Barrett wins the Nordic Council’s Music Prize
06.06.2006 Hurra Torpedo heads out on US tour
06.06.2006 Rec 90 showcase in London
11.05.2006 Washington head out on Dutch/German/Austrian tour
09.05.2006 Die of Pleasure
27.04.2006 Strong Norwegian presence at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival
26.04.2006 New initiatives for MIC Norway
24.04.2006 Barrett and Hiorthøy nominated for the Nordic Council’s Music Prize 2006
24.04.2006 Frode Haltli solo show in London
16.03.2006 Ketil Bjørnstad returns to the UK
08.03.2006 Jazz odyssey: music and migration
07.03.2006 Strong Independent review for Solveig Slettahjell
06.03.2006 A season of recitals for Andsnes
01.03.2006 BBC World fronts Norwegian jazz
23.02.2006 Lorraine head out on UK tour
15.02.2006 Norwegian Jazz gets strong UK press coverage
15.01.2006 Bjørn Kruse - Biography
06.01.2006 Leif Ove Andsnes and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra unite for Canada and USA tour
07.12.2005 New York, New Orleans and ... Oslo?
05.12.2005 Nils Petter Molvær heads out on French tour
05.12.2005 The Oslo International Church Music Festival launches 2006 programme
02.12.2005 By:Larm returns to Tromsø with impressive roster
02.12.2005 Nordic impulses from the Bergen International Festival in 2006
01.12.2005 Alarm nominations ready
30.11.2005 Octavia to tour the UK
16.11.2005 Edvard Grieg - Art and Identity at the Kennedy Center
08.11.2005 Strong Norwegian presence at key UK contemporary music festival
20.10.2005 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
12.10.2005 Sverre Bergh - Biography
11.10.2005 Alf Hurum - Biography
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