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31.05.2010 99 Minutes
24.02.2010 Maria Mena to the UK
12.02.2009 Jon Øivind Ness: Low Jive and the quest for new beauty
03.02.2009 Trondheimsolistene: An exceptional chamber orchestra
26.01.2009 I was a king
19.08.2008 UK Top Ten for Madcon
14.11.2007 Sissel reaches No.1 on Billboard
01.08.2007 UK radio play for Popium
01.06.2007 Food to tour the UK
12.03.2007 UK tour for renowned jazz pianist
24.11.2006 Nordic music seminar in New York
09.11.2006 Solveig Slettahjell to the UK
03.11.2006 A-ha receives a prestigious Q-award.
10.10.2006 Lorraine wins prestigious UK prize
09.10.2006 120 Days
15.09.2006 Lorraine: (When the droid and the angel sat down for a quiche.)
14.09.2006 Datarock
21.04.2006 Lorraine debuts on UK singles charts
22.03.2006 Trio Mediæval returns to the US
07.03.2006 Strong Independent review for Solveig Slettahjell
03.03.2006 Rumble in Rhodos wins Canadian award
02.03.2006 Serena Maneesh
27.02.2006 The Jessica Fletchers
16.11.2005 Edvard Grieg - Art and Identity at the Kennedy Center
08.11.2005 Analogue - a-ha’s latest out now
07.09.2005 Serena Maneesh - redefining noise
16.08.2005 Bergen - the new Seattle?
09.08.2005 Bonk set their sights on the US
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - Fusing improvisation and tradition (Part 1)
02.03.2005 Annie’s heartbeat
09.12.2004 International performing rights revenue soars
29.11.2004 ‘Romances’ - Mike Patton vs. Kaada
07.10.2004 MTV Europe Awards nominations for Sondre Lerche and Maria Mena
01.10.2004 Norwegian jazz launch Europe 2004-2006
30.09.2004 Blå is coming to a place near you
23.09.2004 Sondre Lerche in the US
10.09.2004 Tour season
02.09.2004 Röyksopp to release new single
09.08.2004 Andsnes nominated for Gramophone award
06.08.2004 Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
06.07.2004 Maria Mena tours the US
02.07.2004 US radio success and Tortoise tour for Salvatore
25.06.2004 New US portal for Norwegian music
22.06.2004 Masinandraina: The mythical past of Fartein Valen
16.06.2004 Strong UK reviews
11.06.2004 Maria Mena climbs the US radio charts
21.05.2004 Nordic Council Music Prize nominations unveiled
12.05.2004 Maria Mena hits US radio charts
10.05.2004 Surferosa go Japan
07.05.2004 "The axis of evil" -now on CD!
05.05.2004 Global musical interaction
31.03.2004 Sondre Lerche goes big
17.03.2004 World Idol winner sees heavy international airplay
08.03.2004 Artspages hits the Chinese market
03.03.2004 Rave UK reviews for Madrugada’s third album
16.02.2004 Trio Medieval received as queens in USA
07.11.2003 Turbo tattoo
17.10.2003 New LTN titles
16.10.2003 Listen to Norway
18.09.2003 Renowned Norwegian violinist wins prestigious competition
27.08.2003 Pleasure is all yours
25.08.2003 Turbonegro wins prestigious Kerrang! award
25.08.2003 Kaisers Orchestra mount European offensive
22.08.2003 Strong Norwegian presence at Popkomm 2003
08.08.2003 Maintaining momentum at Popkomm 2003
07.08.2003 Jazz bands win coveted French prizes
25.07.2003 De la Terre à la Lune
22.07.2003 Strong UK reviews for Magnet
07.07.2003 Sondre Lerche to support Elvis Costello
20.06.2003 Trio Mediæval to play New York dates
13.06.2003 Sónar Festival - three days of Norway’s finest electronica in Barcelona
12.06.2003 Edison Jazz Award nomination for renowned vocalist
11.06.2003 Norwegian music export doubled since 1998
11.06.2003 Prestigious award to Maja Ratkje
22.05.2003 Rave UK reviews
19.05.2003 Midnight Sun: new Norwegian sounds to the UK audience
15.05.2003 Midnight Choir receive German praise
15.05.2003 Röyksopp to play new live dates
14.05.2003 Poing to tour Japan
14.05.2003 Twelve Norwegian acts confirmed to Roskilde Festival
09.05.2003 Synnøve S. Bjørset: Ram
29.04.2003 CNN profiles Sondre Lerche
29.04.2003 Norwegian campaign in Texas
16.04.2003 Norwegian offensive at the Folk Alliance Conference
11.04.2003 Composers flee the country
09.04.2003 Warner not to release A-ha live album in UK
09.04.2003 Massive European Jaga Jazzist tour
04.04.2003 Wicked reviews for hardcore ambassadors
11.03.2003 Strong Norwegian profile at the Sonar festival
07.03.2003 Warm Spanish reception for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
05.03.2003 Fusing tradition and avant-garde
03.03.2003 Röyksopp to tour the US
18.02.2003 South By Southwest - March 12 - 16
06.02.2003 Seven Norwegian acts to SXSW
03.02.2003 International media-impact for Norwegian music
28.01.2003 Norway Now in Cannes - a Midem 2003 round-up
16.01.2003 Norway Now at Midem 2003
09.01.2003 We and El Caco hit European roads
08.01.2003 Grammy nomination for Leif Ove Andsnes
06.01.2003 A fresh start
20.12.2002 A-ha’s studio album postponed
20.12.2002 More praise for Norwegian artists
17.12.2002 Andsnes returns to Grieg in Berlin
13.12.2002 Krøyt: One heart is too small
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
12.12.2002 Strong market trends
10.12.2002 BBC nominates Jaga Jazzist album jazz release of the year
10.12.2002 Röyksopp controversy
09.12.2002 A-ha to return with new album
03.12.2002 Brent: Here and there
03.12.2002 Italian success for Xploding Plastix
03.12.2002 Bus stereo
02.12.2002 King Midas tour Germany
29.11.2002 Up North!
28.11.2002 East meets west in Beijing
28.11.2002 BBC votes Jaga Jazzist’s The Livingroom Hush album of the week
27.11.2002 - Norway’s biggest jazz export initiative ever
26.11.2002 Sister Sonny: The Bandit Lab
25.11.2002 Asian focus for Norwegian jazz ambassadors
22.11.2002 Nordic unity in Berlin
22.11.2002 Signs of a Nordic alchemy
21.11.2002 Listen to Norway!
20.11.2002 Listen to Norway - The International Purchasing Programme for new Phonograms
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