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20.12.2012 Music Norway’s first MD appointed
17.10.2012 Band of the Week: asamisimasa
05.10.2012 Band of the Week: CCTV
04.09.2012 From the Vault: A Man of Visions
30.08.2012 Band of the Week: Susanne Sundfør
24.08.2012 Bummer Gun
23.08.2012 Turbonegro back in the UK
21.08.2012 Band of the Week: Highasakite
16.08.2012 Growth on home market
15.12.2011 99 Minutes #19
15.12.2011 Spellemannspris nominations unveiled
04.08.2011 New MIC Norway director appointed
18.02.2011 MIC launches office concert series
15.02.2011 Sharp increase in streaming revenue
08.02.2011 Music streaming services on the increase
11.01.2011 Low December sales
15.09.2010 Low August sales figures
26.08.2010 Healthy July sales
17.06.2010 Low May sales
14.06.2010 99 Minutes #3
04.06.2010 launched
31.05.2010 99 Minutes
05.05.2010 Low March sales on domestic market
05.04.2010 The Norwegian folk music scene
08.03.2010 Spellemannspris winners
01.03.2010 a-ha to support new talent
11.02.2010 Pirate Bay ban rejected
09.02.2010 Content aggravators announce merger
27.01.2010 On the domestic market – local repertoire outperforms international
26.01.2010 Spellemanspris nominees announced
26.01.2010 Positive December sales
25.01.2010 Norwegian MP3 pioneers launch new music file format
15.01.2010 by:Larm’s official live programme announced
01.12.2009 Eurosonic Noorderslag 2010: Looking to Norway
09.11.2009 Stable September sales
23.09.2009 Serena Maneesh signs to 4AD
26.08.2009 Healthy July sales
04.08.2009 Domestic sales down in first half of 2009
11.06.2009 Norwegian focus at EuroSonic 2010
20.05.2009 Domestic music sales downturn continues
24.04.2009 Healthy March sales
09.03.2009 Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation sets up its own bittorrent tracker
09.03.2009 Øya Festival with NYC and SXSW showcases
05.03.2009 Strømland Records
05.03.2009 Major Norwegian ISP rejects Pirate Bay Ban
25.02.2009 New MIC Norway director appointed
23.02.2009 Ida Maria signs to Island Def Jam/Mercury
11.02.2009 The stage is set for by:Larm ’09
09.02.2009 Stargate wins Grammy
05.02.2009 Domestic recession
23.01.2009 Nokia signs Norwegian licensing deal for Comes With Music
11.12.2008 by:Larm announces 55 new acts
04.11.2008 Norway meets Scotland
19.09.2008 Kim André Rysstad
18.09.2008 Camilla Granlien Band
17.09.2008 August recession
17.09.2008 Madcon continues to climb UK radio and TV charts
17.09.2008 Jay-Z and Stargate join forces
12.09.2008 Folkelarm 2008
25.08.2008 July setback on domestic market
04.08.2008 Domestic sales down in first half of 2008
20.06.2008 Norwegian telco launches unlimited free music trial service
19.06.2008 Rising May sales
19.05.2008 Healthy April sales
30.04.2008 Music Export Norway’s London office opened
29.04.2008 Low March sales
29.04.2008 Strong Norwegian focus at The Great Escape
25.03.2008 Positive February sales
25.03.2008 Sissel returns to the US for spring tour
25.03.2008 Strong US reviews for Hanne Hukkelberg
27.02.2008 By:Larm 2008 = success
05.02.2008 EB Games acquires Norwegian music retailer group
04.02.2008 Spellemannspris winners announced
01.02.2008 Top ten Billboard action for stargate
21.01.2008 2007 sales down 4%
03.01.2008 Stavanger is European Capital of Culture 2008
13.12.2007 November recession
16.11.2007 Positive October figures
18.10.2007 Rising sales trends
12.10.2007 Stargate receives Ascap Songwriter of The Year Honors
03.10.2007 Declining August sales
17.08.2007 Rising July sales
03.08.2007 Domestic sales still falling
21.06.2007 May recession
24.05.2007 Skatebård
14.05.2007 April recession
13.04.2007 Stable first quarter sales
12.04.2007 New director for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra appointed
29.03.2007 Extensive European tour and new album for Mortiis
12.03.2007 February recession
12.03.2007 Turbonegro release single as exclusive mobile-download
16.02.2007 Stable January sales
15.02.2007 Datarock signs with Nettwerk
07.02.2007 Heroes & Zeros
07.02.2007 Closing the Distance
05.02.2007 Strong Norwegian presence at SXSW
01.02.2007 by:Larm 2007
31.01.2007 Spellemannspris winners announced
30.01.2007 Kate Havnevik signs to Universal in the US
17.01.2007 Island deal for Annie
16.01.2007 Stable December sales
11.01.2007 Norway vs. New York
19.12.2006 New opera director appointed
14.12.2006 November recession
24.11.2006 Nordic music seminar in New York
24.11.2006 Beyoncé climbs with a Norwegian push.
13.11.2006 October growth
03.11.2006 Kaleidofon: Rediscover Norwegian music
25.09.2006 Everything set for Folkelarm
15.09.2006 Weak August sales
16.08.2006 Stable July sales
16.08.2006 NYC and London showcases for Elvira Nikolaisen, Real Ones and Jim Stärk
02.08.2006 12% reduction in first half of 2006
12.05.2006 Weak April Sales
09.05.2006 Die of Pleasure
08.05.2006 The Great Escape
26.04.2006 New initiatives for MIC Norway
30.03.2006 No. 1 on both sides of the Atlantic!
27.03.2006 Low February sales
06.03.2006 33 rpm
06.03.2006 Kaizers Orchestra to tour Europe
03.03.2006 Rumble in Rhodos wins Canadian award
23.02.2006 The Fernets: ‘We’re the best!’
22.02.2006 US success for StarGate
20.02.2006 From the Appalachians to Oslo
17.02.2006 The Great Escape
17.02.2006 Strong January sales
17.02.2006 Waterfall launches joint venture with Sony BMG UK
16.02.2006 Award winning heroes
16.02.2006 Mira Craig
14.02.2006 Elvira Nikolaisen
14.02.2006 Vishnu - defending Tromsø’s pride
14.02.2006 Strong Norwegian presence at SXSW
13.02.2006 by:Larm 2006 - a success
07.02.2006 Animal Alpha
06.01.2006 A new deal
05.01.2006 Hardanger Fiddle Masters
05.01.2006 String Sisters
05.01.2006 Norwegian beats export
03.01.2006 Spellemannspris nominees unveiled
14.12.2005 November recession
08.12.2005 Ane Brun
02.12.2005 By:Larm returns to Tromsø with impressive roster
01.12.2005 Alarm nominations ready
24.11.2005 Norwegian Voices
11.11.2005 Increasing domestic sales in October
11.11.2005 Left-centre alliance presents new budget - increased public spending on culture
14.10.2005 Blå moves to London
12.10.2005 Norwegian participants to Womex 2005
12.10.2005 Womex 2005
11.10.2005 Stable September sales
29.09.2005 iTunes UK runs Norwegian jazz campaign
21.09.2005 Nordic Music Awards nominees announced
20.09.2005 August increase in phonogram sales
15.08.2005 Weak July sales
02.08.2005 Strong domestic repertoire sales
28.06.2005 National Broadcaster buys Phonofile shares
17.06.2005 Furia to take on Europe
15.06.2005 MIC has moved
14.06.2005 Stable phonogram sales
13.06.2005 "This is Music From Norway" successfully launched
02.06.2005 Susanne Lundeng
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - Fusing improvisation and tradition (Part 1)
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - fusing improvisation and tradition (part 2)
31.05.2005 The magnetism of Magnet
20.05.2005 Exitement surrounds A-ha's London recording sessions
10.05.2005 Stable album sales - domestic dominance
26.04.2005 Lene Marlin set to return with new album
19.04.2005 Madrugada storm Greek charts
13.04.2005 Plummeting domestic sales
07.04.2005 Norway Cultural Profile is now online
01.04.2005 The Norwegian recording industry does not fear iTunes breach
01.04.2005 Strong sales of domestic repertoire - low overall sales
03.03.2005 Rave reviews for Tord Gustavsen trio’s latest album
03.03.2005 Animal Alpha team up with EA games and star producer
02.03.2005 Annie’s heartbeat
21.02.2005 by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts
16.02.2005 Declining January sales
04.02.2005 EA to promote unsigned Norwegian act
01.02.2005 Röyksopp return with a new album
21.01.2005 Amulet: Danger! Danger!
21.01.2005 Wholy Martin: Vampïre Songs
21.01.2005 New LTN titles
18.01.2005 Eurosonic success for Norwegian acts
18.01.2005 Madrugada release first single from upcoming album - drummer leaves
12.01.2005 A strong year for the Norwegian music industry
07.01.2005 Midem 2005
07.01.2005 Spellemannspris nominations unveiled
06.01.2005 Strong Norwegian roster at Eurosonic
05.01.2005 Norwegian artists unite for tsunami victims
17.12.2004 Kaizers Orchestra sign major deal
17.12.2004 Strong sales of domestic repertoire in November
10.12.2004 A decade of Jaga Jazzist
09.12.2004 International performing rights revenue soars
09.12.2004 Alarm nominations ready
08.12.2004 Grammy nominations for Andsnes and Garbarek
12.11.2004 Strong October sales of domestic repertoire
20.10.2004 Third quarter growth
15.10.2004 New Sony BMG director appointed
07.10.2004 MTV Europe Awards nominations for Sondre Lerche and Maria Mena
01.10.2004 Norwegian jazz launch Europe 2004-2006
21.09.2004 Norwegian participants to Popkomm 2004
17.08.2004 Strong July sales
06.08.2004 Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
09.07.2004 Djuice launches mobile phone music downloads
09.07.2004 Strong domestic repertoire sales
30.06.2004 Rights and wrongs
28.06.2004 New MIC director
25.06.2004 New US portal for Norwegian music
23.06.2004 Total rework
21.06.2004 Warm welcome for new Kings of Convenience album
16.06.2004 Strong UK reviews
11.06.2004 Declining May sales
11.06.2004 Maria Mena climbs the US radio charts
19.05.2004 Norway's summer jazz
12.05.2004 Stable April sales
12.05.2004 Maria Mena hits US radio charts
10.05.2004 Surferosa go Japan
10.05.2004 A-Ha sign to Universal
07.05.2004 "The axis of evil" -now on CD!
05.05.2004 MIC director to lead the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
05.05.2004 Global musical interaction
16.04.2004 Sissel launches US tour
14.04.2004 Stable first quarter album sales
02.04.2004 Center and left unite for joint cultural platform
02.04.2004 More women in charge in music organizations
31.03.2004 A new Grammy rival - the Nordic Music Awards
31.03.2004 Sondre Lerche goes big
24.03.2004 MTV to run Oslo special
17.03.2004 by:Larm praised by the Independent
17.03.2004 World Idol winner sees heavy international airplay
10.03.2004 South by Southwest
08.03.2004 Artspages hits the Chinese market
19.02.2004 Still Supersound after ten years
12.02.2004 The lasting impact of the Bergen wave
28.01.2004 World Idol Kurt’s most important concert
14.01.2004 Tough year for Norwegian music industry
06.01.2004 DVD Jon’s victory will be standing
18.12.2003 Norwegian artists abroad still going strong
11.12.2003 The phonogram market continues to drop
05.12.2003 Immense interest for free Norwegian music
01.12.2003 DVD Jon provokes the music industry
21.11.2003 Norwegian jazz 50 years
19.11.2003 Free Norwegian music
13.11.2003 Sound of money
12.11.2003 Domestic market hit by October recession
20.10.2003 Gothminister lands major deal
17.10.2003 New LTN titles
16.10.2003 Listen to Norway
16.10.2003 Wunderkammer - Norwegian Balkanesque madness
16.10.2003 Solo Cissokho - global kora master
16.10.2003 Soaring soundscapes
15.10.2003 Womex 2003
13.10.2003 Growing sales
19.09.2003 St. Thomas dropped by City Slang
17.09.2003 Album sales slump - singles and DVDs increase
17.09.2003 Upcoming Lene Marlin album leaked onto internet
29.08.2003 Cloroform
27.08.2003 Reshuffling in the Norwegian phonogram industry
27.08.2003 Pleasure is all yours
25.08.2003 Turbonegro wins prestigious Kerrang! award
19.08.2003 Continuing strong domestic sales
12.08.2003 Way out North
08.08.2003 Maintaining momentum at Popkomm 2003
07.08.2003 Strong international focus on Oslo festival
25.07.2003 De la Terre à la Lune
22.07.2003 Strong UK reviews for Magnet
21.07.2003 Lene Marlin single release hastened
11.07.2003 Positive sales trends continue
10.07.2003 Lene Marlin set for come-back
01.07.2003 TONO to reduce on-line fee
18.06.2003 Behind the music
12.06.2003 Solid May sales
12.06.2003 Edison Jazz Award nomination for renowned vocalist
11.06.2003 Norwegian music export doubled since 1998
10.06.2003 Dispute delays new Lene Marlin album
15.05.2003 Midnight Choir receive German praise
14.05.2003 A stabilised market
29.04.2003 CNN profiles Sondre Lerche
28.04.2003 Stable sales in first quarter
25.04.2003 Jaga Jazzist
25.04.2003 Denim Demons
16.04.2003 Norwegian offensive at the Folk Alliance Conference
04.04.2003 Wicked reviews for hardcore ambassadors
28.03.2003 Music in a different light
27.03.2003 Continuing negative trend for record sales
11.03.2003 Please do d!sturb
07.03.2003 Explosive web-development for MIC
27.02.2003 New tasks for MIC
26.02.2003 Winners of Spellemannsprisen announced
19.02.2003 Weak January sales
19.02.2003 London focus for Jazzland
18.02.2003 South By Southwest - March 12 - 16
17.02.2003 Strong public turnout for by:Larm in Trondheim
06.02.2003 Seven Norwegian acts to SXSW
27.01.2003 by:Larm 2003
16.01.2003 Norway Now at Midem 2003
13.01.2003 2002 - a good year for the Norwegian record industry
06.01.2003 A fresh start
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
12.12.2002 Strong market trends
27.11.2002 Lene Marlin comeback?
04.11.2002 Norway’s music export is increasing
22.10.2002 Dramatic market improvement
09.10.2002 Slight increase in Norwegian sales
08.10.2002 Norway Now at MIDEM 2002
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