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05.10.2012 Band of the Week: CCTV
03.10.2012 Riitir
28.09.2012 From the Vault: Tommy Tokyo
21.09.2012 From the Vault: Sivert Høyem - Into the great wide own
20.09.2012 Band of the Week: Elephant9
30.08.2012 Band of the Week: Susanne Sundfør
17.08.2012 Lindstrøm announces new album
14.06.2012 Flight of a Dying Sun
13.06.2012 Turbonegro returns
26.04.2012 Enslaved signs worldwide Nuclear Blast deal
28.03.2012 The Silicone Veil
09.02.2012 Strong UK reviews for Hukkelberg’s latest
09.09.2011 Rave reviews for Årabrot’s latest
30.11.2010 The Lionheart Brothers return with new album
17.11.2010 Low October sales
27.09.2010 Sivert Høyem European tour and album release
22.09.2010 Enslaved to release new studio album
07.09.2010 Röyksopp to release‘Senior’
03.06.2010 Dimmu Borgir prepares new album
25.05.2010 Röyksopp reveal ‘Senior’ album details
25.05.2010 Low April sales
24.02.2010 Maria Mena to the UK
21.01.2010 Real Life Is No Cool
24.11.2009 US album release for Bigbang in January
23.10.2009 Ståle Storløkken and Supersilent: The play of becoming
19.10.2009 Sivert Høyem: into the great wide own
08.10.2009 Håkon Kornstad: Dwell Time
07.10.2009 European live dates for Sondre Lerche in October
23.09.2009 Serena Maneesh signs to 4AD
01.09.2009 North American tour and album release for Sondre Lerche
27.08.2009 Thomas Dybdahl UK album release
25.08.2009 German success for Marit Larsen
20.08.2009 Susanna And The Magical Orchestra: 3
20.08.2009 Annie album on its way
04.08.2009 UK success for a-ha’s latest
05.06.2009 Massive post-Eurovision success for Alexander Rybak
29.05.2009 Jaga Jazzist: one-armed bandit
20.05.2009 Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas return with new album
11.05.2009 Billboard Hot 100 action for Madcon
08.05.2009 Karin Park: no darkness for the detached
04.05.2009 Nils Petter Molvær: Hamada, living deserts, clarity and precision
24.04.2009 New a-ha single
21.04.2009 Report claims P2P users buy more music, not less
20.04.2009 Kristin Asbjørnsen: Trickles of light in every darkness
27.03.2009 Favourable ’Junior’ reviews
26.03.2009 Nils Økland: Monograph
17.03.2009 Ida Maria heads out on US tour
16.03.2009 Kaada: Polish romances and a Weltmeister Basset
12.03.2009 Röyksopp streams entire album
27.02.2009 Montée: Rethinking the pop in ’pop’
24.02.2009 Madcon to release new single in the UK
20.02.2009 Datarock: Red
12.02.2009 Jon Øivind Ness: Low Jive and the quest for new beauty
02.02.2009 Kari Bremnes: on straightforwardness and shelter
28.01.2009 a-ha to release album in June
26.01.2009 I was a king
13.01.2009 Don’t Stop
05.01.2009 Röyksopp announce album details
15.12.2008 Röyksopp premieres new track
27.10.2008 Songs across Walls of Separation
10.10.2008 Darkthrone and Satyricon
06.10.2008 Susanna: Flower of Evil
03.10.2008 Enslaved: Vertebrae
24.09.2008 a-ha to record new studio album
27.08.2008 UK Top five for Madcon
27.08.2008 Autumn releases
26.08.2008 Röyksopp set to return in October
25.08.2008 Favourable Pitchfork review for Lindstrøm’s latest
20.08.2008 Kaleidoscopic
20.08.2008 Satyricon reveals album details
15.08.2008 Where You Go I Go Too
15.08.2008 Solid UK chart performances for Ida Maria
19.06.2008 Rising May sales
11.06.2008 Ur Girlfriend Hates Me
03.06.2008 Keep of Kalessin: Kolossus
29.05.2008 Music on Blu-ray
28.05.2008 Elephant9
20.05.2008 Great Pitchfork review for Silje Nes’ Ames Room.
16.05.2008 New album from Mental Overdrive
15.05.2008 Lars Horntveth: Upcoming new album and a special appearance at the Øya festival
06.05.2008 Mathias Eick: The Door
15.04.2008 Ida Maria: "Fortress around my heart"
03.04.2008 Grand Island: Boys and Brutes
01.04.2008 Juliet’s Wishes: Ingrid Olava and the new maturity.
01.04.2008 Motorpsycho: Little Lucid Moments
18.02.2008 Two new records and a grand tour for Leif Ove Andsnes
15.02.2008 Myspace ”Maskineri”
14.02.2008 The resurrection of Tellé
06.02.2008 Pirate Love
30.01.2008 Real Ones sign a three-record deal with Warner, and are getting a lot of buzz in Britain.
18.01.2008 Animal Alpha
18.01.2008 Madrugada: Madrugada
16.01.2008 We: “Tension and release”
16.01.2008 Ingrid Olava
09.01.2008 The Lionheart Brothers: British release of Dizzy Kiss next week
10.12.2007 Madrugada: new single out and new album on the way
04.12.2007 Silje Nes
03.12.2007 OffOnOff: Clash
29.11.2007 Diskjokke
14.11.2007 Sissel reaches No.1 on Billboard
07.11.2007 Cast in Brass
02.11.2007 Tine Thing Helseth: Classical commitment.
18.10.2007 Natasha Barrett: Trade Winds
17.10.2007 Sondre Lerche goes to Hollywood
11.10.2007 The Grand
10.10.2007 Ulver: Shadows of the Sun
05.10.2007 Solveig Slettahjell: ’Domestic Songs’.
05.10.2007 Darkthrone
04.10.2007 Ungdomskulen
04.10.2007 ’Oh my God’
06.09.2007 New Supersilent album
24.08.2007 Rune Lindbæk: N-Disko Mix
15.08.2007 Susanna goes solo.
13.08.2007 Strange News from Mars
09.08.2007 Kim Hiorthøy: Far in, far out.
21.06.2007 Kaada: Natural Born Star
13.06.2007 The Devil’s Instrument
13.06.2007 Lasse Marhaug
08.06.2007 Bjørn Torske pushing wrong-right buttons.
06.06.2007 Turbonegro: Retox
15.05.2007 Lindtsrøm's LateNightTales
23.04.2007 Release date for new Turbonegro album confirmed
20.04.2007 Strong UK reviews for 120 Days
16.03.2007 Dimmu Borgir: In Sorte Diaboli
16.03.2007 Mayhem: Ordo Ad Chao
02.03.2007 Silje Nergaard: Darkness out of blue
23.02.2007 Arve Henriksen’s flowing water
22.02.2007 Positive US reception for new Shining album
16.02.2007 Lindstrøm to produce next 120 Days album
16.02.2007 Pleasure 2
04.01.2007 Rave UK reviews for Adjagas
15.12.2006 Salvatore, 'Days of Rage'
23.11.2006 In The Country.
17.11.2006 Bill Booth: 'Songs of the land'
13.11.2006 October growth
27.10.2006 Cult cool a la Lindstrøm
09.10.2006 120 Days
05.10.2006 Kristin Asbjørnsen: Wayfaring stranger.
27.09.2006 Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band.
22.09.2006 Thomas Dybdahl
18.09.2006 Hanne Hukkelberg
15.09.2006 Lorraine: (When the droid and the angel sat down for a quiche.)
15.09.2006 Turbonegro recording new album
14.09.2006 Datarock
18.08.2006 Susanna and the Magical Orchestra
28.06.2006 Serena-Maneesh takes on the UK
21.04.2006 Lorraine debuts on UK singles charts
30.03.2006 Annie starts work on new album
30.03.2006 No. 1 on both sides of the Atlantic!
06.03.2006 33 rpm
02.03.2006 Serena Maneesh
27.02.2006 The Jessica Fletchers
21.02.2006 Frost
16.02.2006 Mira Craig
15.02.2006 Serena Maneesh sign with Beggars Group
15.02.2006 Come up for air
14.02.2006 Elvira Nikolaisen
14.02.2006 Serena Maneesh lands single of the week in The Guardian
03.01.2006 Amulet: When all that is solid melts into air, it turns into a tornado.
16.11.2005 Dimmu Borgir re-releases classic album
08.11.2005 Analogue - a-ha’s latest out now
05.10.2005 Nils Petter Molvær back with new studio album
29.09.2005 iTunes UK runs Norwegian jazz campaign
07.09.2005 Serena Maneesh - redefining noise
01.09.2005 Kaizers Orchestra head out on European tour
30.08.2005 a-ha reveal album details
18.08.2005 Robert Post - aiming for the top of the UK charts
16.08.2005 Bergen - the new Seattle?
09.08.2005 Bonk set their sights on the US
24.06.2005 The Understanding - first UK reviews in
22.06.2005 Annie profiled by Pitchfork
21.06.2005 Karl Seglem on the move
21.06.2005 Röyksopp getting ready
17.06.2005 Furia to take on Europe
10.06.2005 Röyksopp: Cool, calm and collected.
09.06.2005 The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra presents the Five Norwegian Orchestral Romantics
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - Fusing improvisation and tradition (Part 1)
02.06.2005 Release drawing near for Lene Marlin’s third; 'Lost in the moment'
31.05.2005 The magnetism of Magnet
24.05.2005 Hanne Hukkelberg lands strong The Wire review
20.05.2005 Exitement surrounds A-ha's London recording sessions
04.05.2005 Strong NME review for Jaga Jazzist
02.05.2005 Annie set for US campaign
26.04.2005 Lene Marlin set to return with new album
19.04.2005 Madrugada storm Greek charts
11.04.2005 Röyksopp confirm album details
31.03.2005 Jaga Jazzist
15.03.2005 Turbonegro announce new album and tour details
11.03.2005 a-ha to release new studio album
08.03.2005 Strong reviews for ’Anniemal’ in the UK
03.03.2005 Rave reviews for Tord Gustavsen trio’s latest album
02.03.2005 Annie’s heartbeat
01.02.2005 Röyksopp return with a new album
21.01.2005 Hanne Hukkelberg: Little things
21.01.2005 Jim Stärk: No Time Wasted
21.01.2005 Silver: White Diary
18.01.2005 Madrugada release first single from upcoming album - drummer leaves
09.12.2004 International performing rights revenue soars
30.11.2004 Turbonegro to release new album
29.11.2004 ‘Romances’ - Mike Patton vs. Kaada
22.10.2004 Vertavo String Quartet celebrate 20th anniversary with new album
20.09.2004 Jan Garbarek releases new album
02.09.2004 Röyksopp to release new single
30.08.2004 In Focus: Annie
06.08.2004 Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
06.07.2004 Maria Mena tours the US
05.07.2004 Coldplay contribute to a-ha member’s solo album
02.07.2004 US radio success and Tortoise tour for Salvatore
28.06.2004 New Biosphere Album
21.06.2004 Warm welcome for new Kings of Convenience album
16.06.2004 Strong UK reviews
14.06.2004 Analogue delight
13.05.2004 ECM - ambassadors of Norwegian jazz
12.05.2004 Sugababes contribute to Winta’s debut album
10.05.2004 Surferosa go Japan
07.05.2004 "The axis of evil" -now on CD!
16.04.2004 Musical celebration of independence
31.03.2004 Sondre Lerche goes big
03.03.2004 Rave UK reviews for Madrugada’s third album
24.02.2004 Sondre Lerche’s dialogue
17.02.2004 Håkon Austbø celebrates 40 years behind the piano
27.01.2004 Bringing the medieval to the States
12.01.2004 St. Thomas in charge again
16.12.2003 Jazzy history 2
09.12.2003 Jazzy history
02.12.2003 Leif Ove Andsnes signs seven years with EMI
12.11.2003 Domestic market hit by October recession
30.10.2003 Come Shine
13.10.2003 Growing sales
17.09.2003 Album sales slump - singles and DVDs increase
17.09.2003 Upcoming Lene Marlin album leaked onto internet
29.08.2003 Cloroform
27.08.2003 Pleasure is all yours
19.08.2003 Continuing strong domestic sales
21.07.2003 Lene Marlin single release hastened
11.07.2003 Positive sales trends continue
10.07.2003 Lene Marlin set for come-back
08.07.2003 Röyksopp to release remix-album
07.07.2003 Bjørn Berge: Illustrated Man
17.06.2003 St. Thomas picks up rave UK reviews
10.06.2003 Dispute delays new Lene Marlin album
10.06.2003 Gluecifer: Basement Apes
03.06.2003 The Fruit is Still Fresh - Cato Salsa Experience return with new album
22.05.2003 Rave UK reviews
20.05.2003 Norwegian triumph at the BBC World Music Awards
19.05.2003 Annbjørg Lien: Aliens Alive
25.04.2003 Jaga Jazzist
25.04.2003 Denim Demons
09.04.2003 Warner not to release A-ha live album in UK
04.04.2003 Wicked reviews for hardcore ambassadors
01.04.2003 Dodeka - Nordheim returns with "new" album
27.03.2003 Continuing negative trend for record sales
03.03.2003 Title of new a-ha album unveiled
13.01.2003 2002 - a good year for the Norwegian record industry
20.12.2002 A-ha’s studio album postponed
20.12.2002 Bukkene Bruse and Richard Wolff/Kari Bremnes
13.12.2002 Krøyt: One heart is too small
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
12.12.2002 Strong market trends
11.12.2002 Norwegian Gospel Voices: Let’s dance
11.12.2002 Turbonegro to return with new album
10.12.2002 BBC nominates Jaga Jazzist album jazz release of the year
09.12.2002 A-ha to return with new album
03.12.2002 Brent: Here and there
28.11.2002 D’Sound: Talkin’ Talk
27.11.2002 Lene Marlin comeback?
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