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05.10.2012 From the Vault: Leif Ove Andsnes – Moments of Freedom
07.06.2012 Climbing Mountains
25.05.2012 It is boring to limit myself to make music just for a DJ
03.05.2012 Stian Westerhus: 'I don’t plan anymore'
25.04.2012 I need some resistance and struggle. That's part of my music-making
27.03.2012 Wild Dog
19.03.2012 In transit
20.02.2012 You can be at home anywhere...
08.02.2012 Himmelkvad
07.02.2012 I was the devil in my younger years
14.06.2010 99 Minutes #3
05.04.2010 Gjermund Larsen Trio
05.04.2010 Majorstuen
05.04.2010 The Norwegian folk music scene
05.04.2010 Unni Boksasp: Stepping it Up, and Overseas.
05.04.2010 Valkyrien Allstars: All the Young Dudes
19.03.2010 Ensemble Denada
04.02.2010 One Armed Bandit
20.11.2009 The whole, the veil and the holes
04.11.2009 Oslo World Music Festival
27.10.2009 Unni Løvlid: rooted explorations
26.10.2009 Johan Sara Jr. Orvoš: the mountain of outlook
26.10.2009 The Great Nordic Night/Band
23.10.2009 Ståle Storløkken and Supersilent: The play of becoming
19.10.2009 Sivert Høyem: into the great wide own
17.09.2009 Paul Curran: making magic
12.09.2009 Solveig Slettahjell: visitations
21.08.2009 Eivind Aarset: cooking in the undercurrent
01.07.2009 Gjermund Larsen: A fiddler poetic and intense
29.05.2009 Jaga Jazzist: one-armed bandit
26.05.2009 Leif Ove Andsnes: Moments of freedom
26.05.2009 Leif Ove Andsnes: Moments of freedom (part 2)
04.05.2009 Nils Petter Molvær: Hamada, living deserts, clarity and precision
28.04.2009 Vilde Frang: The singing of a free violin
17.04.2009 Tine Thing Helseth - one with her instrument
26.03.2009 Nils Økland: Monograph
16.03.2009 Kaada: Polish romances and a Weltmeister Basset
12.03.2009 Mungolian Jet Set: journeys and stories and mastered confusion
09.03.2009 Lindstrøm: Alone down the open road
05.03.2009 Strømland Records
11.12.2008 Tommy Tokyo: Keen observer, incongruous poet
08.12.2008 Emil Bernhardt: Contemporary communication
08.12.2008 Emil Bernhardt: Contemporary communication (part two)
04.12.2008 Øyvind Torvund: multiple vantage points
04.12.2008 Øyvind Torvund: Multiple vantage points (part two)
05.12.2007 Motorpsycho back as a trio
15.02.2007 Frode Haltli - between tradition and innovation.
01.12.2006 Endresen’s energy field
16.11.2006 The world of Thomas Dybdahl.
14.03.2006 Apparently unaffected
05.01.2006 String Sisters
05.01.2006 Knut Reiersrud
05.11.2005 Adjagas - bringing joik to the greater stage
06.06.2005 Maniac: My last years with Mayhem (Part 2)
05.06.2005 Maniac: 13 years with Norway’s most notorious band (Part 1)
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - Fusing improvisation and tradition (Part 1)
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - fusing improvisation and tradition (part 2)
26.04.2005 The hottest conductor you’ve never heard of
23.02.2005 See Madrugada live!
13.01.2005 Nils Økland profiled in the Wire
14.06.2004 Analogue delight
30.03.2004 In search of slow jazz
24.03.2004 Horn call
09.03.2004 Bringing Nordic music to Paris
19.02.2004 Xploding Plastix working with the Kronos Quartet
12.02.2004 The lasting impact of the Bergen wave
05.02.2004 Jaga Jazzist featured in The Observer
29.01.2004 Lasse Thoresen featured in Classica Repertoir
16.01.2004 Paal Nilssen-Love profiled in The Wire
29.04.2003 CNN profiles Sondre Lerche
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