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03.09.2012 Punkt 2012
03.07.2012 Norwegian summer festivals
20.06.2012 A Midnight Sun Dream
19.04.2012 Norwegian Jazz Festivals 2012
22.02.2012 Game of Chance
18.08.2011 Øya 2011
27.05.2011 Norwegian Summer Jazz Festivals 2011
11.02.2011 By:Larm 2011
07.12.2010 Norwegian acts confirmed for EuroSonic ‘11
08.09.2010 Folkelarm 2010
10.08.2010 Øya Festival 2010
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: DJ 99
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Draumkvedet
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Gjermund Larsen Trio
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Unni Boksasp.
02.07.2010 Førde 2010: Key Events
02.07.2010 Førde Folk Music Festival 2010
09.06.2010 JazzNorway in a NutShell 2010
04.05.2010 New Ultima festival artistic director appointed
05.11.2009 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
04.11.2009 Oslo World Music Festival
23.10.2009 Biosphere to make Chinese people sleep
15.09.2009 Folkelarm ’09 performer profiles
14.09.2009 Ragnhild Furebotten and Tore Bruvoll w/Hekla Stålstrenga
14.09.2009 Elisabeth Vatn - Piper on the Roof ensemble
14.09.2009 Unni Løvlid
14.09.2009 Gro Marie Svidal
14.09.2009 Marie Forr Klåpbakken Trio
14.09.2009 Valkyrien Allstars
14.09.2009 Synnøve S. Bjørset
14.09.2009 Rysstad/Storli/Morken
14.09.2009 Dozo
14.09.2009 Tiar
14.09.2009 Aslak O Brimi and Erlend Viken
08.09.2009 Ultima 2009
02.07.2009 Førde Folk Music Festival
01.07.2009 Gjermund Larsen: A fiddler poetic and intense
01.07.2009 Contemporary meets tradition
01.07.2009 Synnøve S. Bjørset
01.07.2009 Sturla Eide
01.07.2009 The Snuff Grinders
01.07.2009 Columbi Egg club nights
01.07.2009 Gigs not to be missed
16.06.2009 Ultima 2009
05.06.2009 JazzNorway in a Nutshell 2009
12.03.2009 Kongsberg and Molde festivals announce programme details
09.03.2009 Øya Festival with NYC and SXSW showcases
22.01.2009 Happy Days goes Nordic – Nordic Music Days goes Happy!
15.01.2009 New director for the Ultima Festival appointed
15.01.2009 Bergen International Festival launches 2009 programme
11.12.2008 by:Larm announces 55 new acts
19.09.2008 Kim André Rysstad
18.09.2008 Camilla Granlien Band
12.09.2008 Folkelarm 2008
14.08.2008 First Øya reviews in
27.06.2008 Ragnhild Furebotten and modern tradition
27.06.2008 Bruvoll/Halvorsen
10.06.2008 Quart: an epitaph
05.06.2008 Festival summer coming up
22.05.2008 The Bergen International Festival
02.05.2008 Bergenfest 2008
28.04.2008 by:Larm in Oslo
04.04.2008 Festivals 2008
27.02.2008 By:Larm 2008 = success
15.02.2008 by:Larm in Oslo: February 21st-23rd.
10.01.2008 Norway at Eurosonic
09.01.2008 All Ears
04.01.2008 Terje Isungset in Harbin, China
03.01.2008 Stavanger is European Capital of Culture 2008
12.12.2007 The Quart Festival announces new head of booking
12.12.2007 The Bergen International Festival: 2008 program
08.11.2007 by:Larm 2008 acts announced
25.09.2007 by:Larm in Oslo
30.08.2007 Punkt kicks off
14.08.2007 First Øya reviews in
13.08.2007 Oslo Jazz Festival
10.08.2007 International Chamber Music Festival in Stavanger.
10.08.2007 The Øya Festival rolls on
09.08.2007 Øya Festival day one (two)
06.08.2007 The Guardian praises the Bukta Festival
03.08.2007 Down on the Farm
02.08.2007 Øya 07
02.07.2007 Hove: Whole lotta singing in the rain
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 1
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 2
14.06.2007 Norwegian Wood: 15th anniversary
13.06.2007 Punkt and Motion join forces.
15.05.2007 Trio Mediæval: Musicians in residence at the Bergen International Festival.
21.03.2007 Hove: The festival challenge
15.03.2007 Military band with saxophone: “a gallows for a gallows, a tooth for a tooth.”
08.03.2007 BBC runs Punkt Festival focus
08.03.2007 Inferno: festivál infernál
29.11.2006 The Bergen International Festival launches 2007 programme
25.09.2006 Everything set for Folkelarm
22.09.2006 Ultima 2006
15.06.2006 Another extensive Norwegian festival summer is under way
01.03.2006 BBC World fronts Norwegian jazz
07.02.2006 Animal Alpha
07.02.2006 By:larm 2006
05.12.2005 The Oslo International Church Music Festival launches 2006 programme
02.12.2005 Nordic impulses from the Bergen International Festival in 2006
02.12.2005 By:Larm returns to Tromsø with impressive roster
24.11.2005 JR Ewing and Jaga Jazzist to play the All tomorrow’s parties
28.09.2005 Ultima 2005
16.08.2005 BBC visits remote Norwegian island festival
21.06.2005 Another Norwegian festival summer is well under way, more extensive than ever.
14.06.2005 Bergen International Festival to stage Wagner’s ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’
21.02.2005 by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts
28.01.2005 by:Larm 2005
07.10.2004 Ultima 2004
02.06.2004 Norwegian summer festivals
19.05.2004 Norway's summer jazz
16.04.2004 International acclaim for Kristiansund's opera festival
25.03.2004 Prepare for Inferno
17.02.2004 Silver for gold – Alarm winner 2004
12.02.2004 The lasting impact of the Bergen wave
03.02.2004 Heading for Texas
28.01.2004 Who’s who at by:Larm
26.01.2004 New international record for by:Larm
23.01.2004 Big noise from Norway
21.01.2004 Lofoten on the verge of a chamber festival
19.01.2004 In the footsteps of Bob Geldof
16.01.2004 Children’s choir – a serious medium
07.01.2004 Gateway to European gigs
05.01.2004 Grieg Trio to lead the International Chamber Music Festival
12.12.2003 Strong Norwegian and Nordic presence in Paris
07.10.2003 Ultima 2003 - echoes of an era
07.08.2003 Strong international focus on Oslo festival
02.07.2003 Førde Folk Music Festival
18.06.2003 Førde Folk Music Festival
16.06.2003 Norwegian festival summer
20.05.2003 Busy European festival summer
14.05.2003 Twelve Norwegian acts confirmed to Roskilde Festival
29.04.2003 Norwegian campaign in Texas
25.04.2003 Unique Oslo festival
11.04.2003 Inferno success
27.03.2003 Inferno Festival April 17-19
11.03.2003 Strong Norwegian profile at the Sonar festival
17.02.2003 Strong public turnout for by:Larm in Trondheim
09.12.2002 Crossing Musical Borders
24.09.2002 Festivities in Bergen
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